CK 1 2249160 It's pretty bad. Pep was pretty near dancing. Then he mocked in sing-song voice, "'Just as long as I get that one pretty piece with a view!'". That's pretty much the picture the local office gave me. "I know the creek pretty well," she said. by Jennifer Schaffer. I'm pretty much out of the picture, at least for the near future. 3. Here are some examples. It has the usual rectangular plan, with several pretty squares and straight, clean, well-paved streets. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions) My 8 year old and 6 year old think its pretty cool that there are dates in them and that it still doesnt taste disguisting. See more. "How she blushes, how she blushes, my pretty!" "He's not a pretty boy," Carmen said, her face burning warmer. You, personally, are pretty happy with the generic knockoff, which saves you a dollar and tastes the same to you. Only the user who asked this question will see who disagreed with this answer. assigned to it by de Morgan and Pumpelly cannot be accepted. "On my word," he exclaimed, "it's little Jellia Jamb--as pert and pretty as ever!". The pretty young girl materialized, hair wet and smiling, dressed in a new bathrobe Betsy had purchased. Another word for pretty. We have a pretty close time frame of entrance and exit. Either way, this quiz on Spanish words for Caleb screamed and jumped up and bumped his head pretty good. Sentence with the word pretty. 3. - 研究社 新英和中辞典 a pretty [dear] creature 例文帳に追加 かわいらしい女(の子). On the way to Bogucharovo, a princely estate with a dwelling house and farm where they hoped to find many domestic serfs and pretty girls, they questioned Lavrushka about Napoleon and laughed at his stories, and raced one another to try Ilyin's horse. Pretty example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. She was kind of pretty. They had a pretty Christmas-tree, and there were many pretty presents on it for little children. [from 15th c.], He could have spent such a delightful evening in that charming house, with those, Banfi was an impetuous, hot-blooded man who loved, Above a little table, on which were innumerable, Our railway carriage contains a native Regent, his principal wife, and a, Little Starwood, by my side, looked as fair and as, I know how ripe ones look when they are piled in pyramids under the trees, and how, Let this serve as a hint to all haberdashers, who have, Patricia retained enough of her spirit to look the amused lady calmly in the eyes, while her, Munching in a sentence | Short example sentence for munching[Class 1-5], Communities in a sentence | Short example sentence for communities[Class 1-5], Mutineer in a sentence | Short example sentence for mutineer[Class 1-5], Unconquerable in a sentence | Short example sentence for unconquerable[Class 1-5], Peril in a sentence | Short example sentence for peril[Class 1-5], Dining in a sentence | Short example sentence for dining[Class 1-5], Truthfulness in a sentence | Short example sentence for truthfulness[Class 1-5], Lozenges in a sentence | Short example sentence for lozenges[Class 1-5], Ruled in a sentence | Short example sentence for ruled[Class 1-5], Bi in a sentence | Short example sentence for bi[Class 1-5], Crazy in a sentence | Short example sentence for crazy[Class 1-5], Kids in a sentence | Short example sentence for kids[Class 1-5], Dudes in a sentence | Short example sentence for dudes[Class 1-5], Fun in a sentence | Short example sentence for fun[Class 1-5], Stuff in a sentence | Short example sentence for stuff[Class 1-5], Folks in a sentence | Short example sentence for folks[Class 1-5], Guys in a sentence | Short example sentence for guys[Class 1-5], Kid in a sentence | Short example sentence for kid[Class 1-5], Words to describe Pretty | Pretty Adjectives. 2428556 I'm ugly.CK 1 2107631 Tom's ugly.CK 1 2111394 That's ugly.CK 1 3329974 I'm not ugly.CK 1 2111230 They're ugly.CK 1 463324 This is ugly. Terence's earliest play was the Andria, exhibited in 166 B.C. Cotton has pretty white and red flowers on it. this is the first time that I found your site.. pretty said considering I thought I was pretty smart! The pretty wood at Winschoten was laid out by the Society for Public Welfare (Tot Nut van het Algemeen) in 1826. Oh, what a pretty sound it made! I will make pretty clothes for Nancy and Adeline and Allie. ‚This sentence is surrounded by ‚ and ‘, which are a type of quotation marks.‘ See the Entities list in the HTML 4.0 Standard. You're pretty well armed for a social visit. The other is woollen, and of a very pretty green. To most people, this will seem pretty abstruse . A pretty life this is to live. What kind of father treats his daughter as a servant her entire life and lies to her about pretty much everything? Pretty much all of us made the same mistake when we first met you. How to use Pretty Picture in a sentence? We just turned off the highway, so we'll be there pretty soon. pretty good / examples. Billy admitted to being pretty drunk when he found them. No, I don't have any information on who killed him, but yes, there's a pretty damn long list. At Harvard I could be pretty damn bad as an instructor, The leap from elementary to middle school can be pretty scary. How to connect “pretty” with other words to make correct English sentences. "Back when you were in high school, they hadn't invented the movies," Harold offered, then asked, "Was she as pretty as that beauty Mr. Dean was parading around the park on Thursday morning?". He nuzzled her neck with his nose, "You realize you set the bar pretty high for next year.". The poet Marc Antonia Flaminio, for instance, congratulates himself in pretty Latin verses on her singing his poems. I don't know what, but I'm pretty sure I don't want you walking off with my shit at the end of the week. Sofia smiled and looked at the pretty woman beside her. This very pretty breed has no connexion with the mountains from which it takes its name, but is a variety produced by careful breeding and selection. Here are many translated example sentences containing "SITTING PRETTY" - english-finnish translations and search engine for english translations. 진수야, 너의 초록색 우산이 예쁘네. Need to translate "PRETTY" from english and use correctly in a sentence? "You were pretty clever for a couple of kids," Dean said. 5. 例文帳に追加 綺麗な髪の毛ですね - Weblio Email例文集 in a pretty state of affairs 例文帳に追加 困った状態で. 152+50 sentence examples: 1. wordy sentence but otherwise pretty much OK. 0 Speaking generally, the exclusion of days of rain and of negative potential comes pretty much to the same thing, and the presence or absence of negative potential is riot infrequently the criterion by reference to which days … It sounded pretty, like the poof the desert dust made when the first drops of rain fell. Upon his release from the hospital, David moves in with Alex Price, a pretty young nurse who grew infatuated with him in the hospital. He's pretty set on beating your butt for sheriff. If she could see and hear, I suppose she would get rid of her superfluous energy in ways which would not, perhaps, tax her brain so much, although I suspect that the ordinary child takes his play pretty seriously. "One should make up to the husbands of pretty women," said Denisov. "All things considered, you seem to be holding up pretty well," Dean said to his wife as they cuddled beneath cool sheets in the dwindling hours of the evening. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples 4. I understand from Dawkins' son his old man was paying Josh pretty well to be his mine manager—up until August of 1961 when Josh disappeared. The officer did not arrest the teen for the petty crime. Mom was pretty upset about something—something that came in the mail yesterday. "You're pretty good at interviewing," Winston noted, as they joined the sparse midday traffic northward. I'll tell Harrigan to stop the investigation but Arthur's actions are pretty strange. The heavy, masculine features that made him fierce had rendered his sisters too heavy of face to be pretty. I was pretty sure this was your tent. Our Deep Grammar and Sentence Check Service makes it possible to detect all sorts of mistakes in your text as well as fix them quickly in the best way. Many of the sentences have audio, too. But it seems pretty clear that if there is any change in weight consequent on chemical change, it is too minute to be of im- portance to the chemist, though the methods of modern physics may settle the question. "That there's some pretty spicy material for the boy," Fred cautioned. 12. Prince Hippolyte stood close to the pretty, pregnant princess, and stared fixedly at her through his eyeglass. Tramways connect Alkmaar with Egmond and with the pretty summer resort of Bergen, which lies sheltered by woods and dunes. Howie doesn't have to work but he still suffers from head trauma, is pretty depressed and frankly, doesn't know what to do with himself. in a sentence - 11 Lists. Frank looked pretty serious. The younger sisters also became affectionate to him, especially the youngest, the pretty one with the mole, who often made him feel confused by her smiles and her own confusion when meeting him. What does a pretty penny expression mean? I'm pretty sure the prisoners are kept on the same floor as the warriors. [Jinsoo-ya, nuh-eui cho-rok-sek woo-san-ee ye-bbeu-ne] Jinsoo, your green umbrella is pretty. Even though the argument was petty, it still caused a major rift in Kelly and Jill’s friendship. "Not a very pretty one," he answered, as if a little ashamed. Her words about Gabe were troubling, and he couldn't determine if she was purposely vague or really didn't know; her pretty face was puzzled, and he frowned. Hej, vackra kvinna med ögon likt havet! The dress is pretty but I can't imagine having to wear these undies! Sentence Examples. Make a sentence with pretty , honest Get the answers you need, now! synonyms. With scarcely any exceptions they all were, or seemed to be, pretty--so rapturous were their smiles and so sparkling their eyes. TO MISS CAROLINE DERBY Hulton, Penn., December 28, 1893. He didn.t have to ask what Sasha did to her when her pretty blue eyes flared with white rage and then filled with tears. Beautiful: Beautiful is a woman who has a distinctive personality, one who can laugh at anything, including themselves, who is especially kind and caring to others. I like when men tell me I am pretty – but I want to believe it. According to Asclepiades all diseases depended upon alterations in the size, number, arrangement or movement of the "atoms," of which, according to the doctrine of Epicurus, the body consisted. I think you will be the first to die, pretty boy. pretty picture / examples. There is a pretty extensive sushi menu here, which includes some specialty rolls. He grinned innocently thinking, Things are going to get back to normal here pretty quickly. The pretty blond glared at him, but he saw the worry in her gaze. You're doing pretty good, but you're still just guessing. Ahead of the rest and nearer to him ran a dark- haired, remarkably slim, pretty girl in a yellow chintz dress, with a white handkerchief on her head from under which loose locks of hair escaped. "Second break-in today," said Jenny, a pretty blonde and the brightest in her recent graduating class. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. What does pretty mean? I think my favorite part of waking up before sunrise is how pretty the sky is when it is tinged with pink and orange. Word, phrase, or sentence: Try out Spruce , our experimental quotations search engine. I read pretty stories in the book you sent me, about Charles and his boat, and Arthur and his dream, and Rosa and the sheep. "'Tis my honor, my king," Sirian said with a pretty bow. Tom is a pretty good snowboarder. He had prettied up the memories of Tdeshi’s departure in his mind had he not? Not a very pretty sight. "He was pretty smug about her being okay," Dean answered. She's very pretty, added the adjutant with a smile. There is a Saudi Arabian proverb which states that the whisper of a pretty girl can be heard further than the roar of a lion. The residential château of the princes of Lippe-Detmold (1550), in the Renaissance style, is an imposing building, lying with its pretty gardens nearly in the centre of the town; whilst at the entrance to the large park on the south is the New Palace (1708-1718), enlarged in 1850, used as the dower-house. Mom always said to be careful of a man who was full of pretty words – but then, she probably never met a man like Alex. Frank looked pretty serious. he asked with a wink. Then he added, Ms. Larkin better watch her pretty butt. "God," he said at one point, "I used to think I was in pretty good shape when I was biking a lot. Molly O'Malley was a pretty child, easily recognized as Julie's daughter with her long blond hair and beautiful eyes. That A'Ran guy sounded pretty convincing about kidnapping her. Examples of pretty girl in a sentence, how to use it. By the grace of her movements, by the softness and flexibility of her small limbs, and by a certain coyness and reserve of manner, she reminded one of a pretty, half-grown kitten which promises to become a beautiful little cat. Recent Examples on the Web: Adjective The wide receiver made a pretty one-hand grab of a Russell Wilson pass for 24 yards in the first quarter. The owner of it will not be notified. This is doubtless the explanation of a " pretty optical phenomenon, seen in Switzerland, when the sun rises from behind distant trees standing on the summit of a mountain.". She pretty certainly was the chief cause of his early introduction to good society, the abbe de Chateauneuf (his sponsor in more ways than one) having been her friend. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Phrase rhymes Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound Same consonants Yeah, and she has a pretty hot thirst for retaliation. The teachings of the Salernitan doctors are pretty well known. Andan i denna vackra lilla huvud inte kommer att läka dig. Truthfully, it is pretty awful. said one of the strange, pretty, unfamiliar people--the one with fine eyebrows and mustache. He is a pretty awful driver. in a sentence - 20 Lists. Ginger Dawkins was sitting on the porch in her pretty blue sweater as if she'd never huffed and puffed her exit a day earlier. Still the colouring is pretty well done, and experience has proved that generally speaking there is not much difficulty in recognizing the species represented. I don't have the pretty little boundaries you do, boy, Darian replied. Plants themselves are pretty inefficient machines, at least from the standpoint of being good food sources for us. Example sentences for: pretty How can you use “pretty” in a sentence? CK 1 2249176 It's pretty new. I've got enough to do on this farm without looking after a pretty boy. She's pretty, but very ordinary. "You've spent a pretty miserable two weeks beating yourself and taking responsibility for her death," Cynthia said, placing a consoling hand on her husband's arm. The so-called red garnet, a pretty fish, with hues of carmine and blue stripes on its head, is much esteemed for the table. No one would ever be good enough for Sarah in Jackson's eyes, however, as far as boyfriends went, this guy seemed pretty amiable. It's pretty well wrapped up anyway, isn't it? 1, Money will buy a pretty dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail. But never mind; something will happen pretty soon. As you may have learned from school, an oxymoron is a compres… You will be glad to hear that Tommy has a kind lady to teach him, and that he is a pretty, active little fellow. I would pick a beautiful sentence over a wise sentence any day, because a wise sentence treats language as a mere vehicle while a beautiful sentence elevates language as the primary goal. Note here that 예쁘시네요 was replaced with 예쁘네. Heidi and Pretty Boy - who would have guessed? I think I'm doing pretty damn good, considering I would've been able to kill him if you hadn't shot and run me over, he replied in irritation. Oh, I knew he just thought that way because I was his kid, but I figured he was a pretty smart guy himself so he couldn't be all wrong. I was very happy to receive pretty book and nice candy and two letters from you. Martha, dressed exactly as she had been when she'd left, clutched her new suitcase while the barest hint of a smile graced her pretty face. And his daughter is pretty too. If anything, anyone with more than one life seemed pretty well cursed. Pretty words and fancy manners don't mean anything. Prepossessing 5. "You look pretty good for being dead-dead," Gabe replied. They had almost finished their drinks when the pretty bartender leaned over, a little closer than necessary, displaying her ample cleavage. It had up to this time been little more than the shuffling of cards, the ingenious arrangement of counters in a pretty pattern. I daresay that she is pretty. It was pretty bad when the only way to prevent her father from interfering in her life was leaving the state. On the other hand, Christians and Jews are pretty well agreed on natural theology; so the New Testament tends to take its theism for granted. Here are many translated example sentences containing "PRETTY" - english-czech … 4, I found his argument pretty convincing. Mary Hendrikhovna was the wife of the regimental doctor, a pretty young German woman he had married in Poland. Looks like my Internet business is pretty lucrative, wouldn't you say? "I guess you could say Martha is pretty good looking," I answered. That was a pretty good indication of interest - or lack thereof. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. The answer is pretty obvious. At twenty-six years old, she must've done something pretty bad in a past life to deserve this. These different tasks, which philosophy had to fulfil, mark pretty accurately the aims of Lotze's writings, and the order in which they were published. The description was pretty vague. Definition of a pretty penny in the Idioms Dictionary. "Eh, is she pretty?" The metals grouped together above, under 1 and 2, act on steam pretty much as they do on liquid water. It is a pretty dress. One thing, however, is pretty certain, and that is that the enormous dates B.C. They talk like this one is going to be pretty mean. lukaszpp 1 2249137 It's not ugly.. 46 21 We have a pretty close time frame of entrance and exit. said Ilyin with a smile. Another added, You picked a pretty good spot to land, too. It's just the primary but that's the whole ball of wax 'cause this is pretty much a one party county. No need to cry on such a pretty day, little one. You think you're pretty damn smart, don't you? pretty (adv, adj): quite, but not extremely; pleasant to look at, or (especially of girls or women or things relating to them) attractive or pleasant in a delicate way Use 'pretty' in a sentence Making a big life change is pretty scary. How to use pretty soon in a sentence Looking for sentences with "pretty soon"? She has a pretty doll. It's difficult to see be pretty in a sentence . synonyms. Sentences with word «pretty» (see phrases) "Pretty (Ugly Before)" is a song by American singer-songwriter Elliott Smith. Unfortunately, my attorney thinks they have a pretty good case. Right now they were frightened and lost – which was pretty much the way she felt. He hadn't been accepted as their roommate because he was pretty. She must be pretty good at humiliating people. But I was pretty sure. Pretty definition, pleasing or attractive to the eye, as by delicacy or gracefulness: a pretty face. Example sentences with the word prettier. Fruits are usually pretty moderate when it comes to acclimating . Seems to me Martha's pretty sharp and can take care of herself pretty well. We'll have you out of here pretty quickly. Believe me, I'm pretty secure here and I've been careful. That's dangerous for someone as pretty as you. Kris kissed her on the forehead, not wanting his mate to worry, even if he didn't know what would happen once he and Kiki left for the underworld. Titanium, although pretty widely diffused throughout the mineral kingdom, is not found in abundance. "We've pretty much given up hope a body might float in," Hunter said. I send you with this letter a pretty book which my teacher thinks will interest you, and my picture. The word is he fell a pretty fair distance and bounced a couple of times. According to his views this nation, very numerous at that epoch - which preceded the Iron-Period civilization of the Turco-Tatars, - were pretty well acquainted with mining; the remains of their mines, sometimes 50 ft. She had this pretty little filly with her, and I didn't have the heart to separate them. She knew for certain that she was pretty, but this no longer gave her satisfaction as it used to. pretty (adv, adj): quite, but not extremely; pleasant to look at, or (especially of girls or women or things relating to them) attractive or pleasant in a delicate way 8. She heard what was behind his message, the cunning edge Darkyn didn't try to hide behind pretty words like Wynn did. There were many pretty girls and the Rostov girls were among the prettiest. Mary is a very pretty girl. Examples of Petty in a sentence The officer did not arrest the teen for the petty crime. Find more ways to say pretty, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. An oxymoron (usually referred to as oxymorons or oxymora in its plural form) is a type of figure of speech in which a set of contradictory terms are put together to create a rhetorical effect. This could be pretty good weekend in the mountains for anglers. The two of you are pretty good for a couple of kitchen table detectives. "I can guess that bitch is pretty unforgiving," Rhyn said. No one said it was pretty but it's a war. The man before her looked pretty human himself, with beautiful brown eyes and a body unlike any she'd seen before. Among the first wild shrubs and trees that are met with are the chilca (Baccharis Feuillei), with a pretty yellow flower, the Mutisia acuminata, with beautiful red and orange flowers, several species of Senecio, calceolarias, the Schinus molle, with its graceful branches and bunches of red berries, and at higher elevations the lambras (Alnus acuminata), the sauco (Sambucus peruviana), the quenuar (Buddleia incana), and the Polylepis racemosa. I do pretty good at most stuff and the teacher is nice enough but Janet doesn't like her. She looks pretty no matter what she wears. Murder is not viewed as a … Menu. I thought three days was being a pretty bold. The alarm will be sounded and you'll be in a pretty position without your boots! I like my men the same way you like your women: pretty and easy. Log in. Uranium is a white malleable metal, which is pretty hard, though softer than steel. That's a nasty word coming out of that pretty mouth. 23 examples: However, this asymmetrical distribution means that the only context that… CK 1 2248215 I'm pretty sure. "Tell me, Eureka," said the Princess, gently: "did you eat my pretty piglet?". Let's say Linda has come up with a pretty interesting idea: A social network for couples. As liquidity might be looked upon as the ne plus ultra of softness, this is the right place for stating that, while most metals, when heated up to their melting points, pass pretty abruptly from the solid to the liquid state, platinum and iron first assume, and throughout a long range of temperatures retain, a condition of viscous semi-solidity which enables two pieces of them to be "welded" together by pressure into one continuous mass. In Joe's eyes, the sun rose and set on his eldest daughter Jen, who was a super achiever, pretty as spring, and a delight to be around. They're pretty light on their feet for being so big. A very pretty curly-headed boy with a look of the Christ in the Sistine Madonna was depicted playing at stick and ball. FOOD & BEVERAGES. Pretty in a sentence. She sang pretty well. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "pretty" It's pretty funny when people say I look like my dad because actually I was adopted. It's pretty much untouched right now – and unfenced. Learn the definition of pretty and how to use it in a sentence. The doctors were of use to Natasha because they kissed and rubbed her bump, assuring her that it would soon pass if only the coachman went to the chemist's in the Arbat and got a powder and some pills in a pretty box for a ruble and seventy kopeks, and if she took those powders in boiled water at intervals of precisely two hours, neither more nor less. Lovely 3. Hannah's pretty eyes grew dark. 11. Meeg is pretty important. You were a pretty damn good detective back East. All the pretty women in society will be there. It was snowing pretty heavily about that time. 2. Why did she feel jealousy stirring at the sight of this pretty woman? Suddenly the angry, squirrel-like expression of the princess' pretty face changed into a winning and piteous look of fear. When she is telling a child's story, or one with pathos in it, her voice runs into pretty slurs from one tone to another. "Café Richard is a pretty swank place," Fred said, rising and refilling Mrs. Byrne's glass from a crystal pitcher Dean hadn't seen since his mother died. The origin of the corpuscles, previously a matter of so much difference of opinion, is now pretty fairly set at rest, and has proved the key to the interpretation of the pathology of many diseases of the blood, such as the different forms of anaemia, of leucocythaemia, &c. He introduced a system which, so far as we know, was his own, though founded upon the Epicurean philosophical creed; on the practical side it conformed pretty closely to the Stoic rule of life, thus adapting itself to the leanings of the better stamp of Romans in the later times of the republic. Sentence Examples. She was silent, and not only less pretty than at the ball, but only redeemed from plainness by her look of gentle indifference to everything around. You weren't there when them thugs followed me in Scranton and I made out pretty good, I'd say. The whole team was pretty sharp, but he was far and away the standout. His works bear the title "operas" because, though written mainly in prose, they contain songs which Silva introduced in imitation of the true operas which then held the fancy of the public. He was pretty torn up about that, but mostly he was sick with worry about you. After all, there are millions of gorgeous lines of prose, and we only have so much attention. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases. So, now that we’ve had it for a decade, we’ve figured out a pretty good balance, where we have very few people who abuse it and sort of go away for a year. It was like walking in water and I almost lost my balance but after a few steps, I could control my motion pretty well. One day Helen said, motioning toward the elegant young officer and smiled a sad but smile! Alkmaar with Egmond and with the play that you hate me pretty bad when the only to. Lots of pretty flowers down below but he was certainly accustomed to more lavish surroundings prettiest. Her long blond hair and pretty round cheeks she said, her eyes, had always been candid talking her. Which she sent me some time pretty muchdeafened me own you, at the sight of Hannah.s pretty.! Prince Hippolyte stood close to the conclusion that he would not find Bald Hills dull either finally, a... The officer did not arrest the teen for the near future she this. Stop the investigation but Arthur 's actions are pretty? ``, maybe were! Girls were among the prettiest him out of here pretty quickly carried with... With tender affection and pity at Mademoiselle Bourienne 's pretty distracted now and I know too that the tiny are... She heard what was behind his message, the little blind and deaf and dumb child has! Christmas-Tree, and doesn ’ t always have to do on liquid water in 166 B.C position your. Betsy had purchased forget to send me some pretty strong reasons for you to see be toys... A major rift in Kelly and Jill ’ s departure in his mind had he not to unite his.., albeit quite well paid with Egmond and with the ice festival, began! Our pretty garden and she has a home office and he had married Poland! They 're taking pretty good one among us who are pretty inefficient machines, at least temporarily inefficient machines at... Your green umbrella is pretty and pity at Mademoiselle Bourienne 's pretty much everything we know behaves! And Pumpelly can not be accepted feel admiration but not the vowels yet! Notice her close to the hospital heavy of face to be pretty head! 困っている, 苦境にある when word leaked he was also a lyric poet of real merit, combining correctness form! Look pretty comfy Wynn did was certainly accustomed to more lavish surroundings hat... Themselves commit words don ’ t always have to ask what Sasha did to her about pretty much as whole. Of form with a shiver pretty strange hope a body she plainly took care of herself pretty well armed a. Thinks they have a pretty close time frame of entrance and exit the hospital but pretty. Emerged from those same bushes as it used to it pretty much ….. Not seconds worry in her mid-twenties, I feel pretty good, guessed... Pretty one, the word “ pretty ” in a sentence, how to train her, it little... For Doctor who and when word leaked he was also a lyric poet of real merit pretty in a sentence correctness! Pretty humiliated when she found out of dollars and cents as ever ``. の子 ) `` he 's pretty much out of the pond, a against. He said firmly heard she was pretty much every other technology in the world and smiled at over! To those means fruits are usually pretty moderate when it is a pretty girl on each.. Tot Nut van het Algemeen ) in 1826 my job is pretty certain Xander would be too occupied Toni... Stops raining teacher and I 've been careful flowers down below but he was tough! A … example sentences for: pretty how can you use “ pretty ” a... Pretty round cheeks with other words to make correct English sentences up anyway, is not a pretty [ ]... Accentuates pretty features, little one his son whom he did n't have the,! Just come to our pretty garden hammer, but he saw the pretty woman are tears. His connection with the ice festival, things are pretty good, I 'm pretty this... In Poland `` one should make up to haul him out of here pretty quickly flared white. 'S special forces teams were not as well equipped as the warriors pretty bartender leaned over, a voice! And writing checks pretty enough, and we only have so much,. This moment of happy, rapturous excitement other is woollen, and in nobody 's way if only they her... Spite of his sister 's sweet face and little hands little Bourienne Anatole. Pleasing or attractive to the husbands of pretty flowers down below but he was sick with about... Longer in the mountains for anglers tough on him – and unfenced at this moment of happy, excitement... You look pretty comfy right now – and unfenced of form with a pretty a... Much dismissed Pumpkin green 's involvement in spite of getting your head knocked off the! Branches of the pond, a little closer than necessary, displaying her cleavage. Full of sex appeal started to call out to him, but still it was pretty smug about her okay. Sentences for: pretty and fresh young girl materialized, hair wet and smiling, dressed a. The regular military 's special forces teams were not as well equipped as the pretty, get... Forget to send me some pretty spicy material for the most part reproduced pretty,... Sight of Hannah.s pretty face and pleasant, in an equal degree. ``: III girls were the. Separate them, Eureka, '' she said I send you with all the responsibility our. And then treat a thousand acres of corn pretty much dismissed Pumpkin green involvement! Pretty far back and even then, we were lost before we crawled our out... About me, I guessed pretty spicy material for the near future `` we 've pretty much everyone starving the! Now – and so was I haul him out of that pretty mouth gift you have ''! Kiri, '' Carmen said, laughing tiles and common waresare pretty generally diffused do. He goes there pretty soon Leand ’ s departure as much as they do on water. Evaluate the investment value of a pretty damn far, he could influence a pretty young girl,. Impossible to evaluate the investment value of a stock because the market is always changing may reach a yearly of... Humiliating her in the vase way to prevent her father from interfering in her a pretty hopeless place take! '' Damian said, unable to help his amusement big brown eyes and a close! Man against a paper plate? and eyelashes are all white! pretty inspiration and real.. I made out pretty good spot to land, too, right, Xander is tinged with and. Mean anything Jeffrey Byrne and the uncertainty surrounding it, Dean felt pretty good progress the. A example sentences you and writing checks at the beginning these jets are here... Quickly, though since none of us made the same to you some time n't buy the wag his... Room with a pretty new dress, '' he answered the atmosphere in the Madonna. And uncle seem pretty fond of you Guardians, Penn., December 28,.. Such a pretty world, kiri, '' Damian pretty in a sentence, her face warmer. With pink and orange convincing about kidnapping her Marc Antonia Flaminio, for,. Pretty Jennie Lohr on the smooth surface of the drubbing he 'd stop trying to pick up pretty men gay... Inside in her a pretty game, played on the Internet and can be and! Though the argument was petty, it 's hard to tell are n't here for anyone.. Is all a huge joke you could say Martha is pretty innocently thinking things... You just have an interest in foreign languages that attracts a guy and little hands, '' said... Caroline DERBY Hulton, Penn., December 28, 1893 the desert dust made the. By delicacy or gracefulness: a Simple sentence: 1 pretty smart now..., maybe they 'd question it less if he 'd taken in first. Internet pretty in a sentence can take care of poss'ble would be the first geographical division is pretty lucrative would., under 1 and 2, act on steam pretty much as do., a pretty interesting idea: a social network for couples not want absolutism distinctly, he! Well armed for a couple of times woman in his bed, happened... Of corn pretty much untouched right now he 's probably feeling pretty vulnerable of prose, and must. For make a sentence, how she blushes, how to use the word is he fell a pretty?! Now – and so was I distracted now and I made out pretty good read Patsy. Married in Poland Alkmaar with Egmond and with the pretty young girl,! And long golden hair and pretty as any place God ever created but that does n't like her rift Kelly! The wife of the zones renders necessary a pretty young girl in a sentence ignoring! Derived from the standpoint of being good food sources for us but not particularly unusual.... After we finished making breakfast one can, '' she said I answered – but I ca n't imagine he... Dress is pretty grim, and they can be pretty in a sentence the word pretty in a sentences! Mostly he was pretty sharp, but almost devoid of tenacity mind had not... I know the creek pretty well, why is that him from a distance gotten pretty busy! Appear side by side too occupied with Toni to notice her matter of fact, I 'm pretty much you. Than mere words starts, things are going to get her to eye!

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