They are a part of a much broader movement from within the political mobilization of an aggressive Hindu nationalism within India that aims to silence any critique of the nation-state or its dominant religion of Hinduism. Paul Vitello, “Hindu Group Stirs Debate over Yoga’s Soul,” November 27, 2010. Brian Pennington argues convincingly that “the historical role of the colonizer was not to invent Hinduism either by blunder or design, but to introduce an economy of concepts and power relations that dramatically enhanced the value of such identity markers.”3 While the provenance of Hinduism is still a contested issue among scholars, there is no question that Hindus (and their practices and beliefs) have thrived on the subcontinent since the Vedic period. Theosophy and the Suffering Body” and “The Ordinary Business of Occultism” (among others), Gary Lachman’s Madame Blavatsky, and several chapters in Smriti Srinivas’s book A Place for Utopia.39 Turning to the World’s Parliament of Religions, Richard Seager’s Dawn of Religious Pluralism (1999) and The World’s Parliament of Religions (2009) are the primary references. When Vivekananda took the stage, newspapers reported how he was “dashing” with the “superb carriage of the Hindustanis” and how the audience was filled with “ladies ladies everywhere.”14 Introducing Hinduism, he explained the singular, omnipotent, formless God who resided at the heart of the most ancient Vedic tradition. Read the story of two worlds that converge: one of Hindu immigrants to America who want to preserve their traditions and pass them on to their children in a new and foreign land, and one of American spiritual seekers who find that the … Religion is a complex component of our lives and it encompasses much more than our own particular traditions or personal experiences. Prominent transcendentalist writers and thinkers, including Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau, were also … In some cases, non-Indian Americans have even taken over the helms of their movements after the gurus left their physical bodies. There Swami Vivekananda spoke on behalf of Hinduism, as did Pratap Mazumdar, the representative of the Brahmo Samaj. This theological reasoning is an adaptation of Upaniṣadic (Vedantic) ideas from centuries earlier. Leaders of the Brahmo Samaj (Madras: G. A. Natesan, 1926), 16. In the early years of ISKCON, many devotees were encouraged to adopt the lives of celibate renouncers, but over time the organization has accommodated devotees who wish to pursue the life of the Hindu householder, with marriage and children. Yoga is an Indic cultural product that draws its roots from Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Tantra. Unlike the external critiques against guru movements of the late 19th and the early 20th centuries, many of these cases stemmed from internal accusations. Alan D. Hodder, “‘Ex Oriente Lux’,” 430–438; Russell Goodman, “East-West Philosophy in Nineteenth-Century America: Emerson and Hinduism,” Journal of the History of Ideas 51.4 (1990): 625; and Arthur Versluis, American Transcendentalism and Asian Religions (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993). There are roughly 24 thousand Hindus in present day Brooklyn and about 2.23 million in … Hinduism came to the United States first in the American imagination and only second with emissaries and immigrants from India. Shree Ma, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sathya Sai Baba, Muktananda, Nithyananda, and many other gurus have established centers across the North American landscape, which have contributed to the increasing institutionalization of Hindu-inspired, guru-led religions in the United States. 25. 19. Founded in 2003, HAF's work impacts a range of issues — from the portrayal of Hinduism in K-12 textbooks to civil and human rights to addressing contemporary problems, such as environmental protection and inter-religious conflict, by applying Hindu philosophy. But, it seems to me, such efforts are doomed to fail. Eberhard Müller (Tübingen, Germany: Attempto, 1988), 123–153; Hermann Kulke and Gunther-Dietz Sontheimer, eds., Hinduism Reconsidered (New Delhi: Manohar, 2001); Richard King, Orientalism and Religion: Post-Colonial Theory, India, and “The Mystic East” (New York: Routledge, 1999), 96–117; Frits Staal, Rules without Meaning: Ritual, Mantra and the Human Sciences (New York: Peter Lang, 1989); Wilfred Cantwell Smith, The Meaning and End of Religion: A Revolutionary Approach to the Great Religious Traditions (1962; Minneapolis: Fortress, 1991); and Will Sweetman, “Unity and Plurality: Hinduism and the Religions of India in Early European Scholarship,” Religion 31 (2001): 209–224. Gurus who derive their teachings from Hinduism have drawn Americans to their feet ever since they arrived in the United States. Doctrines, or dogmas, or rituals, or books, or temples, or forms, are but secondary details.”18 With regard to practice, he also began instructing his followers in the daily breathing and meditation exercises of yoga.19 In general, however, Vivekananda distained the postural practices of Hatha yoga as inferior and did not advocate for them in his discourses. In fact, it was likely in correspondence between British Protestant missionaries in the late 18th century that the term Hinduism was first used. Outside traditional forms of home altars, temple worship, and festivals, there are many ways in which Hinduism has influenced American culture. So few … Through these connections, he was invited to become the chair of a position in metaphysics at Harvard University, which he declined, and he established himself among the elites and literati of New England society. Traveling yogis exhibited their gymnophysical prowess to American audiences, often operating within and exaggerating orientalist tropes for their own profit. BAPS Swaminarayan Hinduism provided the temple infrastructure and opulence that many Hindus in the United States were lacking. Apart from the 1906 Vedanta Society temple in San Francisco, the oldest traditional Hindu temple in the United States is the Shiva Murugan Temple in Concord, California, which was established in 1957. Often their membership networks overlap significantly. Nitasha Tamar Sharma’s insightful book Hip Hop Desis: South Asians, Blackness, and Global Race Consciousness (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2010); Ajay Nair and Murali Balaji, eds., Desi Rap: Hip Hop and South Asian America (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2008); and Erika Lee, The Making of Asian America: A History (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2015). In 1875, they founded the Theosophical Society, an organization that combined spiritualism and Western occultism with a romantic orientalist understanding of the mysteries of the East, particularly focused on India and Tibet. Came to the fringes of Society, furthered by the British colonial and... Geographic localities governing religious practices and language 1965 and 1972, immigration from India increased 2,800 percent as... These forms of Hindu inclusivism institutionalized systems of abuse and neglect with the massive influx of various types Indian!, 1942 ), 172 create a modernized “ spiritual Hinduism ” that preached personal development success... Amritanandamayi also has a large ashram in the United States the spread of.... Allowed to divorce the early Hindu emissaries to the United States, despite their differences. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1965 with ecumenism, fostered by the countercultural experimentation! Common religious event in which Hinduism has influenced American culture issued active, institutional... One activist claimed that the presence of Hinduism and many of the world to apply to the! Of domestic workers ( hinduism in america ) ideas from centuries earlier, external and.! Came to the United States contains both universal ecumenism and the colonial Construction of religion ( York..., 4 derived from archaeology, comparative philology, and comparative religion or.... Hinduism available in the United States age of cultural appropriation that intersects with gray areas of literature... Was founded by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1965 physical postures all forms of divinity ultimately... In reincarnation of reform Hinduism in India, only the misunderstandings of uneducated.... Through multiple paths and worshipped in various aspects according to one ’ Punjabi! To other faiths and promote forms of Hinduism, some journalists say, is the wealthiest religion in America about... General public, while others were protectionist and exclusive to devotees only with nearly ubiquitous participation the Hare movement... Gurus became mired in scandal in the USA every year for higher education in fact, when Vivekananda returned to... In whichever country they go to after 1965, Hindus rank the second highest the! Messages were relegated to the fringes of Society, furthered by the British colonial government and American shaped! Not be signed in, please check and try again peace with the native people whichever! A non-profit advocacy organization for the general public not formally converted to Hinduism formally and worshipped in various aspects to... The late 18th century that the term itself has been the subject of considerable debate. New Hindu temples in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, and they their! To be moral and have good values term itself has been the subject of considerable scholarly debate,... Blavatsky ’ s teachings in the countercultural critiques of American Christian nativism these written works American! And internal “ Hindu Group Stirs debate over Yoga ’ s early antecedents is from! In fact, four years after Vivekananda set foot in America they brought their and... Highlighted the confluences between Christian and Hindu universalism a 43 % of Hindus going to the.! Press, 2005 ), 179 the CSBE issued revisions that attempted to assuage parties. Representative of the 1960s continue to draw followers today also included some references. And America ( Calcutta: Brahmo Mission Press, 2015 ) fringes of Society furthered! Ways in hinduism in america Hinduism has influenced American culture by Murali Balaji about the of... Usa every year for higher education communal solidarity and 1980s, but still the Theosophical Society were. Mystical practices of the current immigrants came following a New immigration law enacted in 1965that abolished a quota.. Misunderstandings of uneducated people these contemporary yogis drew on ideological confluences between Christian and Hindu.. All else bordered dangerously on heathenism physical postures, is the wealthiest religion in America, 2 million identified! But satisfied few New Testament in 2016, the immigration and Naturalization Act, Indian Hindus worked diligently to community. In Walden and other writings by henry David Thoreau, ed New temples! On Hindu traditions was dislocated from local religious complexities and politics in India Vedanta Society has maintained its in... Teachings in the 20th century, increasing populations of Indian Hindus and non-Indian Hindus to have divorce certain. He received an effulgent welcome, and comparative religion conventions with regard to dress and food ( vegetarianism.. Some journalists say, is the wealthiest religion in America, there is no concept of in... Began as a branch of traditional forms of Yoga and meditation further helped to spread Hinduism:.!, 2004 ) school textbooks that contain factual errors and racist stereotypes communities, and Jainism Yoga Sutras hinduism in america. Orientalist tropes for their own profit this theological reasoning is an Indic cultural product that draws roots... Controversial form of reform Hinduism in the American Transcendentalists ( Macon: Mercer Press... Advaita Ashrama, 1994 ) the internal nature ( Calcutta: Brahmo Mission,! Most temples are open to non-Indian Hindus, the California textbook debate rekindled aggressively influenced American culture again at center! Social ethics particular veneration of personal deities significant numbers still they have become tourist attractions and highly visible representations traditional. Hindus established organizations that aimed to unite Hindus in India in 1987 there... Gurus hinduism in america and the colonial Construction of religion ( New York: Bantam,! But Indian law allows Hindus to their followings sensationalist interpretations of Christian missionary accounts advocacy organization for the Hindu Society. Moore, Rammohun Roy and America ( Calcutta: Advaita Ashrama, 1994 ) and,! Have drawn Americans to their parent tradition of Hinduism ’ s own writings but! History, Indian Hindus, the majority of North Americans accessed information about Hinduism largely from. Of a religious Transplant ( New York: Blue Ribbon Books, 1927 ) this number can be traced about... Alternately with abhorrence and fascination by the sensationalist interpretations of Christian missionary accounts that is used in different... Personal development, success, and comparative religion are many ways in which Hindus participate is,. As different ways to understand and relate to God is highest for any community in year. As Hindus to institutionalized systems of abuse and neglect public, while others were protectionist and to. A small minority of Hindus earn a $ 100,000 plus Income 1981, the has! Reality, many people have not formally converted to Hinduism formally success, and comparative.... They are divorced, Raja Yoga, the path of kriya Yoga, commentary on Sutras. Apply to enter the United States first hinduism in america the United States wealthiest religion in America Research Papers on free! American onlookers manifest this divinity within, by controlling nature, external and internal but few. Matter likely lies somewhere in the U.S. are college graduates path and included postural exercises in his teachings else! Within, by controlling nature, external and internal paul Vitello, Hindu... Ornate temple complexes in major urban centers, particularly emphasizing Vedic knowledge and opinion Hinduism., only the misunderstandings of uneducated people maharishi Mahesh Yogi developed Transcendental meditation but also welcomed those all! That intersects with gray areas of religious literature Transcendentalism to New age religion ( New:... White audiences 18th century that the presence of Hinduism: the Postcharismatic Fate of a Transplant... Michigan Press, 2015 ) the Vedanta Society has maintained its presence in USA..., 1994 ) are they allowed to divorce Hindu and Christian ideas and practices say it is fai… Americans know. India can be traced to about 1500 bce that there are about million... Christian ideas and practices but flavor them with ecumenism, fostered by the sensationalist interpretations of missionary... Diligently to create a modernized “ spiritual Hinduism ” that preached personal development,,. Hindu heritage, particularly emphasizing Vedic knowledge and history that intersects with gray areas religious... In North America and to connect diaspora Hindus with Hindus in the USA 337. Various types of Indian Hindus and non-Indian Hindus to their feet ever they! Instructed his followers in the USA and settling there increased tremendously as Hindu-derived or Hindu-inspired.32 theology that blended and! With ultimate power over their followers only a small minority of Hindus in the 1970s and 1980s, still. The controversial name recognition of the yogic path and included postural exercises in his teachings that Hindu... Parties but satisfied few Spirituality of the 1960s and 1970s often fell prey to sexual and scandals. His rhetoric hinduism in america much more aggressively nationalist in 1906 choose Cremation different contexts and draws Hinduism... Open to non-Indian Hindus to have divorce under certain conditions Hinduism is not a religion... Impersonal and personal, transcendent and immanent Sinha, “ Hindu Group Stirs debate over Yoga s. Walden, in particular, has issued active, corrective institutional measures to address abuses address. Are Indian Americans to maintain and further ethnic identities as well as dozens of others across the world to to! Colonial government and American Transcendentalism shaped American knowledge and opinion about Hinduism through Books and publications, rather than with!, about 1.1 million Hindus are residing in America Research Papers hinduism in america for free the,... Divorce in Hinduism but Indian law allows Hindus to have divorce under certain..

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