Wild Chef David Draper has been processing his own (and others) deer and elk for about a dozen years and has viewed adding some type of fat to ground venison as a necessary evil––until now. For sausage I pefer a 60/40 or 70/30 mix with venison/pork butts. Now that you know how to make sausage, go forth and make it! No. Now, I that it isn’t going to calculate the total yield. Now I will show you how to make venison sausage. We typically make breakfast sausage, but this year I wanted something different, so we tried three different deer sausage recipes; Italian sausage, farmer’s sausage, and breakfast sausage. Above all else, remember that it takes practice. Pork and deer meat can be used together to make breakfast sausage. 1 tsp. Something to keep in mind is that when we make venison sausage, we tend to purchase 10-12 packages of ground pork (which roughly equals 20-24 pounds of sausage when it’s all said and done). A general ratio of fat to lean in sausages is about 25% fat to 75% lean. The Top 25 BEST GIFTS for Work-At-Home Moms, Gifts For Homesteaders, The 25 BEST Gifts For ANY Homestead, Deer Processing 201: Cleaning and Processing Venison Meat, Deer Hunting with Dad—A Thanksgiving Tradition, Growing Up Hunting: Shaping Who I am Today, Deer Processing 101: Preparing Your Venison, ground pork (how much pork depends on how much venison you are grinding), sausage stuffer (if you are making sausage links). Right, never. Fat is critical to making your Elk sausages juicy and full of flavor. Keep in mind: Higher-quality meat … The best way to do this is fatty pork, specifically bacon. You can either use your hands and mix it all together, or you can mix it up really well and put it through the grinder once more. The trimmings you use should not contain extra meat. Using a ratio of 50% game meat to 50% pork butts or pork shoulders will give you a high quality sausage with a pork influence. For deer, I actually blend 60% deer to 40% beef burger (75/25 mixture). Now is the time to get your work space set up so that it creates an easy flow from one step to the next. 3 teaspoons finely chopped fresh sage leaves, 4 teaspoons finely chopped fresh thyme leaves, 1 teaspoon finely chopped fresh rosemary leaves. If one breaks, stop adding meat. Grind the Venison Meat. Now you can order Kitchen Confident – Cooking Without Reservation with over two hundred recipes, articles, tips and tricks to give you confidence in the kitchen! You’ve got everything you need all laid out, and you’re checking over the recipe. Do I need to add pork fat to venison to make summer sausage? You’ll need: Our meat grinder is an attachment for the KitchenAid stand mixer. Both mixtures result in a 10% fat content burger. Each of the recipes we used called for a total of 5 pounds of meat. The pork butt (sometimes called Boston butt) is a great all around choice. Turn off the machine and either push the meat back into the casing or make a new link at that point by twisting the casing. Add your sausage to the meat tray at the top. Q & A: Why Are Cumin and Turmeric Always Together. Here are a few tips when creating venision sausage: When the links are made, place them on cookie sheet lined with paper towels. It says that you should use meat that’s 75% meat and 25% fat. *Note: This is sausage has an 70/30 ratio of venison to pork fat. 2) Fat prevents the sausage from being dry and crumbly. ground venison • 2 lbs. Venison is way to lean and venison fat can sometimes have a bad flavor. You could just add some pork back fat ( aka: fatback ), which is purely fat, but you may find that this somewhat separates from the lean and doesn’t quite combine as well as using fatty ‘meat’ cuts. The best sausages are about 30% fat by weight, I don’t care how fat a mule deer you harvest is it will never reach that ratio. It might come as a surprise but the main ingredient in meat is water 40 – 75%. In the previous two articles in this series I covered how to process a deer and how to cut up a deer in to the different cuts of meat. We simply place the venison in the container until it looks like the pork did before we unwrapped it. I can do cash register math pretty well, but when it comes to the quadratic equation (useful for figuring out profits, which explains a lot), I’m hopeless. 1) Fat carries flavor. Now, the process is very similar to when you were grinding the meat. Once the venison has been ground, either weigh the meat in one-pound increments or you can measure it our way. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Yes, it takes time and is a lot of work. Most ground pork comes in one-pound packages. And, it doesn’t calculate backwards. You’ve earned it. Which, I know, for someone who isn’t particularly good at math, is a real head-scratcher. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is completely subjective, though. This will make the sausage tender and juicy, without fat it will feel dry. One for adding meat to the tray/stuffer and the other to handle the links and casings as the sausage is being made and stuffed. Great info I’m following and making hot Italian deer pork sausage with hand meat grinder and stuffing attachments thanks. Ground venison is a very and occasionally gamey lean meat that comes from deer, and its texture is generally improved by mixing in pork sausage or beef. It’s time to begin when the meat is partially thawed. Do you have to? So if I have 2.85kg, I add additional salt and seasonings in proportion to the full weight of meat (multiply by 1.27). As the meat is expelled through the stuffer it will start to fill the casings. It helps to have two people during this process. Then use your favorite pork sausage casing and stuff. Well, since I scale all of my recipes in spreadsheets, I’m not limited to the amounts listed in the recipe. A lot of recipes call for an 80/20 meat to fat ratio, but I find that a 70/30 ratio makes these venison … Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Pork butt, bacon, pork belly, or pork back fat are what keep the lean meat … Pro Tip: We use pork because it has a much more neutral flavor than beef and won’t overpower the natural venison taste. Time Efficiency When Cooking a Complete Meal. Gr. Adjust the temperature to 160℉ and let the venison snack sticks rest in the oven for the two hours that I mention having them in the dehydrator. It says that you should use meat that’s 75% meat and 25% fat. It’s time to begin when the meat is partially thawed. So, for every pound of venison you’ll use a pound of pork. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. And you have a recipe that wants 20% fat. I hate math. Ground venison is a very and occasionally gamey lean meat that comes from deer, and its texture is generally improved by mixing in pork sausage or beef. I also happen to be good at spreadsheets, and at programming. Well, it just so happens, I’ve got you covered. There is a difference in Pork Trimmings. Just grind it up like you would any other meat. This is a venison sausage recipe, but the addition of pork fat keeps the lean deer meat from drying out during the cooking process. 2 tsp. For a leaner sausage with an 80/20 ratio, use 2 pounds of venison, and 1/2 pound of pork fat. We discovered that the best time to twist the casings (to make the links) is when the person filling the meat tray takes a break to add more meat. (This is why so much wild game is wrapped in bacon and cooked, by the way) ... “You will not produce a good sausage without adding fat. But there it is. Start with the venison … Using a ratio of 75% game meat to 25% pork trimmings will give the game meat some pork flavor and bind it when cooking, without removing the venison taste. However, since venison is so lean, it will typically make for very dry sausage that is not bound together very well. To eat right away, simple take a small ball of sausage, form into a patty, and cook over medium-heat on the stove (using a cast iron skillet works great). Follow the directions for your own meat grinder or sausage stuffer (as far as setting it up and using it). Black Pepper. of ground venison to 1/2 pounds ground pork fat or cheap bacon. TIP: Always cook and taste a small portion of the sausage before packaging it so that you can adjust the seasonings if necessary. You can use more pork to venison or more venison to pork. Use a 2-1 ratio of Elk meat to fat. The beauty of processing your own venison is that you get to determine what type of sausage your family will like. While the meat is thawing, it’s time to set up your work space. The fat content can be adjusted by about 10% either way, however all sausages need a minimum of 15% fat to stop them being dry and bland after cooking. 2 tsp. Be gentle with the casings because they can break. Home » Homesteading » Hunting & Wild Game » Deer Processing 301: How to Make Venison Sausage Recipes. Fat.The meat for a sausage should contain about 25 - 30% fat in it. Use the stomper, a wooden device that pushes the meat through the chute into the grinder. And, needless to say, it doesn’t work with volumes, only weights. For elk, I add 10% ribeye fat. When was the last time you got 2.25kg exactly in a piece of meat? We have very limited kitchen space so the fewer gadgets we have the better. © 2014 - 2021 mollygreen.com © All Rights Reserved. Meaning, if you want 2.25kg (5 lbs.)

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