Stage Name: Seunghee (승희) Thanks a lot for the help, it’s very much appreciated! My bias is Eunjin I just think she is so beautiful and talented.Eunjin fighting!! She’s also known as the girl who resembles a lot of people and cartoon characters, because she has a very specific face and beauty. For example say Yoona is the visual, Taeyeon is the face. Thanks a lot for the additional info, it’s really appreciated! – Chaeyeon acts in “Sweet Temptation” (2015 T-ARA Web Drama), “Drinking Solo” (2016), “To.Jenny” (2018), “Marry Me Now” (2018), “Luv Pub Season 2” (2018). Zodiac Sign: Gemini , Why no mention about their subgroup? Contact Us. MBK is a shitty company that pushes young plastic cute girls to the front to boose their popularity. @disqus_5ResmjDCGw:disqus I know for sure that she only cover those songs. , Ahh I still can’t belive that Eunjin left…I’m very sad…cuz she is one of bias…I really love her, I suggest you replace the introduction with “Currently consists of 8 members” because Eunjin already left. – She’s good friends with EXID‘s L.E. [ WATCH IN HD ]all these edits are mine (from my instagram account @blackxmoo)please give credits if you repost ithope you like it! Weight: 47 kg (103 lbs) Somyi :-N/A. – her zodiac sign is Aquarius, – Jooeun was born on June 7, 1995, her zodiac sign is same as Heehyun which is Gemini Youtube: MBK Entertainment, DIA Members Profile: Thanks a lot for the update! By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. In a poll by “kstyle tv” they asked idols about the idols they want to befriend. Height: 166 cm (5’5″) Instagram: @yulleda. The face is the center and usually the one seen on variety shows because they are also the most confident. Twitter: @dia_official Face of the group means the “center” practically 100% of the time, most recognized or the “brand name” of a group. -Both Huihyeon and Eunjin wrote the lyrics for DIA’s songs “#GMGN & Paradise”,which included on DIA’s 3rd Mini Album “Love Generation” – She was a member of their group called Jewelry, under the stage name Soo Yeon. Eunice On April 25, 2020 we updated the table to show the proper follower count! Yebin: – Her nicknames are Oddball, Giant Baby, Fully-charged Battery Zodiac Sign: Virgo I always thought she was the lead and Jueun and Yebin were the main also, Jenny is the visual if I’m not mistaken while Chaeyeon is just the face of the group. Discover (and save!) Eunice Eunice>Yebin>Jueun>Somyi>Eunchae>Eunjin>Cathy>Chaeyeon/Jenny, @lukasakamoto:disqus – Eunchae can play harmonica and ukulele. Eunchae: – Somyi was a participant in the KBS survival “The Unit”. -She’s a big fan of Ariana Grande, @disqus_5ResmjDCGw:disqus , I just want to correct that Eunchae is the one who act in shining nara and do drem not Eunice, @disqus_Dv4ZtWNcXj:disqus Thanks a lot for the heads up, it has been corrected! And Chaeyeon is another visual, they both are. your own Pins on Pinterest She is in the center of photoshoots, the choreography revolves around her for the most part, and she had lots of rap lines in their most recent comeback, Good Night, so i think it would be okay to list her as a sub rapper. Show more Eunchae fun facts…, Members not participating in current “unit promotion”: You can also check the Kpop Groups Instagram Accounts page, with the official instagram accounts of K-Pop groups. She shares her birthday with the rapper Zico. Eunjin also covered Blackpink “playing with fire”. View the profiles of people named Dia Kpop. Chaeyeon Height: 157 cm (5’2″) La gran ventaja de hacerlo de este modo es que puedes consultar todas las historias que subiste ese mismo día en años anteriores (tal y como indica el botón «Ver todas» en la parte superior de la pantalla). -Eunice and Huihyeon is Tom&Jerry in DIA Did you understand my comment dude? Stage Name: Eunjin (은진) DIA. Yebin ranks 2nd, Somyi ranks 12th in the final line up of The Unit. You should add their hangul name tbh : Bento theme by Satori. Who is Who: Kpop Girl Groups The original commenter was just pointing out an observation. – She was born in Chuncheon, South Korea. Instagram: @mbk.dia. Birthday: May 26, 1999 She studied at Mangpo Middle School; Mangpo High School; Korea Nazarene University (Major in Practical Music) Chayeon is a giant fangirl of Gfriend Yuju, they as well talk to each other on the phone. Jueun :N/A Poll: Who owned VICTON’s “What I Said” era? @akmalil:disqus She even said that if she meets him she would like to shake his hand and then proceeded to fangirl over him. As for their individual photos, we’d need some help with identifying the members as we don’t want to mess up. , Yebin and Somyi are currently on hiatus, since they joined KBS survival “The Unit”, @disqus_rT8m6k9XqS:disqus Instagram sebagai salah satu sosial media paling populer saat ini menjadi wadah komunikasi dan berbagi para idol Kpop dengan para fansnya. In 2016, she became a contestant on Mnet's new survival reality show Produce 101, alongside fellow member Huihyeon. Kpop Polls Birthday: August 31, 1997 , @cleouy:disqus Official Height: 163 cm (5’4″) / Real Height: 161.3 cm (5’3″) , Jueun fact changes: – JuEun was a back-dancer for UNB’s “Black Heart” live stages. Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated! – She was born in Incheon, South Korea. , somyi doesnt receive much attention. – She was a member of I.O.I (rank 7 in Produce 101). #nct - 4% . And yes they usually are the center because they are also the “voice” of the group. – Her nicknames are Cat, Cash, Cool Child Chaeyeon :-Cutie, Crazy Dance Queen, Ending Fairy – Huihyeon and Chaeyeon shared a room. – Eunjin and JuEun shared a room. BTS are … – She was born in Mokpo, South Jeolla, South Korea. Both things are different. – Her favorite food is Dakgalbi, a popular Korean dish. ¿Qué es Estás al día de Instagram? Before she left Woollim, she was actually confirmed as the first member to be in Lovelyz. Change it please, Also change the images to these:, Eunice joined Jewelry after Eunjung left but never actually debuted with them as they disbanded, this was 2015 not 2012, many lines doesnt mean your immediately a lead vocal. Please add to DIA profile if you have time. – Her nicknames are A Thousand Faces, Binsbins, Reaction Master, Antenna -Chaeyeon and Huihyeon shared a room. Jueun: On December 26, 2018, it was reported that EXO‘s Chanyeol passed BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon as … I mean, honestly. – On July 6, 2019, it was announced that Jenny left DIA, due to her health issues. the one that caught my attention is Heehyun. -Se’s a fans of BtoB Thanks for the heads up, it’s really appreciated! Birth Name: Baek Ye Bin (백예빈) Heehyun wrote the lyrics for their song on the road – Eunchae was born and grew up in Seoul. Jooeun: – Chaeyeon acted as the main cast on the web dramas “I am” (2017), “109 Strange Things” (2017). Sub-unit: BCHCS, Huihyeon Facts: (Male Edition), Poll: Who Sang It Better? – Eunice, Jenny, Huihyeon and Yebin composed and wrote the lyrics for DIA song “Will You Go Out With Me” and also composed some songs in YOLO album (“Light” & “Independence Movement Day”) – Chaeyeon and NCT’s Jaehyun used to be classmates. , @disqus_NJanYNcWf0:disqus They debuted on September 14, 2015 with the album Do It Amazing. Jenny won’t be participating in this comeback due to a back injury. Sub-unit: L.U.B Lee So Yul (이소율) / Jenny (제니) -Jueun was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do and she has an older brother. – Her hobbies are watching movies and listening to music. DIA Fandom Name: AID. – Her hobbies are composing raps, playing the piano, buying clothes. Jenny Sub-unit: BCHCS First it was Co-Ed School, which was divided in 2 different bands: – She is a kind and sweetest person according to her friends. Facebook: mbk.dia. When any updates regarding the positions will appear, we’ll update the profile again. Btw, i got the information from Yuju Gfriend’s V’Live she called chaeyeon on phone and chaeyeon talked to the V’Live and confirmed that shes bestfriend with Yuju Gfriend. -Jueun and Eunjin shared a room. Kpop Quizzes – Eunice can play the bass. She doesn’t think she’s good at singing. It’s really appreciated. Kpop – Who wore it better? El actor y cantante Kim Hyun Joong enterneció Instagram por su postal acompañado de sus dos perros. Eunice Facts: Jenny She choreographed the MV’s for AOA (“Short Hair” and “Heart Attack”), GOT7 (“Stop stop it”) and Kim Hyuna (“Bubble Pop!”) Visual is usually the most beautiful. Jenny Facts: Suggestions, About Us What’s the point of your comment? This database page contains all Kpop Group Instagram Accounts, sorted by their Followers count.

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