Stay tuned! Unlike Cartier’s diamond selection standards, I review every single aspect of cut quality when picking out potential diamonds for purchase. Based on my previous experiences with Cartier, I knew there probably won’t be a wide range of diamond selections for any given specifications of the 4Cs. Three rings, three golds, one icon. Now, did you remember we were told that Cartier employs “specialists” to select diamonds from their suppliers? I know that there’s nothing I can do and can not brinf this up to Lee Hwa but definitly they lose a good customer. Read the sections here as well: Thanks. So I ended up with a smaller carat weight than I wanted and am now unhappy and looking to sell it to get a bigger carat without the name. Nevertheless happy wife is a happy life? I bought a Cartier watch for my husband's 40th birthday: the Santos Dumont Blue LARGE for $ 3,900.00 through a Chicago … Only come to Cartier at that price point if sustainable and ethical diamonds are your biggest concern because nobody in the game has a track record as good as theirs. I would have to give credit to the sales staff for his convincing sales presentation. Also, Cartier’s program pales in comparison to other online vendors because their loose diamond inventory is extremely small. At James Allen, here’s a diamond with similar specifications and I matched it with a platinum solitaire ring design. You need to understand that jewelry store lightings are ALWAYS designed to flatter and enhance appearances of diamonds regardless of how well cut they are. Regardless of whatever crown/pavilion angles the diamond has, the maximum cut grade it can achieve is only a “Very Good”. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1924, the Trinity ring is a signature design of the Cartier Maison. G color, VS2 clarity). To be honest, if I was someone with zero knowledge about diamonds, he would probably be able to convince me that Cartier’s diamonds are the best in the world. Well, I personally cannot justify paying 2 times more for a similar diamond ring I could get elsewhere. If you are shopping for an engagement ring and have no idea what your recipient’s preferences are, my recommendation is to stick with a plain solitaire ring design. It was made on a request that came from a famous French artist, novelist, poet and filmmaker named Jean Cocteau. For example, if a GIA “Very Good” diamond is polished to excellent proportions and receives a rating of excellent for both polish and symmetry, this means the diamond FAILED the visual inspection tests for brightness, fire and scintillation for an excellent rating during the grading process. Anyway I still don’t know what the prices range should be, and what is an acceptable color or clarity or where I should look for reliable and honest advices/ stores ( ps I live in Paris). There’s absolutely no reason to start selecting diamonds from the “Very Good” cut grade tier if you are really looking for quality. Book a virtual appointment here. It’s a ring that has three intertwined bands in yellow, white and pink gold.See these famous versions of trinity jewellery over the years: Trinity … Here’s the latest fancy yellow diamond ring I bought for her! In contrast, the 2-3 hours of shopping experience at Cartier will only slowly fade over time. Why Is a GIA “Very Good” Cut Not Good Enough? Personally speaking, I can NEVER recommend a round diamond with GIA “Very Good” cut rating to my readers in good conscience nor claim that GIA “Very Good” cut round diamonds can guarantee you exceptional beauty. And that’s where Cartier’s “Set For You” program comes into play. I was able to see the GIA report before purchase but was unable to see the diamond itself. Just the fact that Cartier selects GIA diamonds with “Very Good” cut grades to make up their inventory reveals a lot about the kind of standards they have. I fell in love for the ballerine diamond paved ring and did an inquiry on the price. In this scenario, you are really getting a diamond with superb optics and it costs roughly half the price of a similar Cartier princess cut engagement ring. Is this the new style now. Besides the poor diamond selections, the other problem with this customized service is their super long delivery time. I have inherited a Cartier ring that I would like reset into a slightly different more modern Cartier setting. Branding, though intangible, does indeed count for a lot. And if you compare this to most other online vendors, the waiting time is relatively long. If brand and prestige did matter, which jewelry house would say offers the best value? Cartier Solitaire 1895 ring with center diamond: 0.46 carats, G color, VVS1 clarity and triple excellent cut. The three interlaced and mobile bands, open for interpretation by the wearer, are the timeless inspiration behind an iconic collection. GIA Triple Excellent Vs AGS 000 – Are They Equivalent? I prefer same size or higher from my old one. Also, steep diamonds cause light leakage to occur under the table. 2) The girdle thickness range is mediocre (medium-slightly thick is the max I would recommend). So, I did the next best thing and searched for Cartier rings in the secondary market.

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