Gradually you will get inspiration, and the Guru may appear in a dream and initiate and inspire you at the proper time. On Guru Purnima, there is a certain alliance between the Moon and the planets, which creates a receptivity in people to that dimension which we refer to as the guru. He must be intensely virtuous. Usually in India, they would stay out in the moonlight, with the guru if it was possible. Until you realize who you really are, everything proves to be wrong and incorrect. Ask a question and Get an assured response. Traditionally, people made use of this time of receptivity in whatever best way they could. And Guru is one who helps you lead to the path of enlightenment. A Jivanmukta or a liberated sage is the real Guru or spiritual preceptor. What are the dangers of bad mouthing a Guru? Let each man take the path according to his capacity, temperament and understanding. That does not mean that the disciple should sit idle. Even the greatest among the divine beings sat at the feet of Guru Dakshinamurti. Svetaketu learnt the nature of Truth from Uddalaka, Maitreyi from Yajnavalkya, Bhrigu from Varuna, Narada from Sanatkumara, Nachiketas from Yama, Indra from Prajapati; and several others humbly went to wise ones, observed strict Brahmacharya, practised rigorous discipline, and learnt Brahma-Vidya from them. Act up to his instructions. It is handed down from Guru to his disciple. He must be above body-consciousness. In the case of the spiritual path, it is still more difficult to find your way. Without Guru, it would be impossible to connect to the Divine. Dadashri: There is a big difference between the Gnani Purush and the guru!...Read More. Read ‘Sri Granth Sahib’. Then alone can he have God as Guru. It is handed down from the Guru to the disciple. This is true, but we have to understand that 'guru' has two different levels of meaning. He did not say to him, “I will give you Mukti now.” Therefore, abandon the wrong notion that your Guru will give you Samadhi and Mukti. Where can you find...Read More, A. It was Lord Krishna who made Arjuna and Uddhava get themselves established in the spiritual path when their minds were in an unsettled state. This video is unavailable. Read about current living Spiritual Master Pujya Deepakbhai and attain self realization from him. If you find peace in the presence of a Mahatma, if you are inspired by his speeches, if he is able to clear your doubts, if he is free from greed, anger and lust, if he is selfless, loving and I-less, you can take him as your Guru. Above all he is a great devotee of God and personifies the best of human character and conduct. Can we make any progress through such surrender or do we need to surrender to a living great man? The tantric texts often mention that all realisations come from the guru. Guru is God. Ekanath heard an Akasa-Vani, a voice from the sky. You will fail if you do so. What is the definition of Guru? The Guru is united with God. You will be at a loss to know what to do. He is identical with Brahman or the Supreme Self. He does not have to have followers or wear orange robes. See video on how grace of living Guru helps one to attain liberation (Moksha). Your mind will readily be convinced that such a great soul is fit to be worshipped and revered. The Guru will be able to remove pitfalls and obstacles, and lead you along the right path. Even so, if you have many Gurus, you will be bewildered. In the same way, after surrendering, you do not have to do anything. It was Gorakhnath who shaped the spiritual destiny of Raja Bhartrihari. Therefore, you progress fast. A Guru is absolutely necessary for every aspirant in the spiritual path. So long as there is a world, there are Gurus and Vedas to guide the struggling souls in the path of Self-realisation. On Guru Purnima, there is a certain alliance between the Moon and the planets, which creates a receptivity in people to that dimension which we refer to as the guru. The disciple should not rest satisfied with the transmission of power from the Guru. This resolution also declares “Sikhs as … The Guru is the one who takes out ignorance from us.Our teachers are our Guru. For a beginner in the spiritual path, a Guru is necessary. To preserve his life, he has to learn to work for his daily bread. Dadashri: You can progress even through paroksha (indirectly- one not currently living). Tukaram received his Mantra “Rama Krishna Hari” in his dream. Man can learn only from a man, and hence God teaches through a human body. Q. Initiation does not mean reciting a Mantra into another’s ears. By pleasing the Guru. Dadashri: How can there be good qualities in a disciple during...Read More. Do not hear their lectures. ” Your Guru can never be wrong, no matter what his actions be. If an aspirant treads the path of truth after studying the books written by a saint, and imbibes his teachings, that saint has already become his Guru. In yoga, it is very important to have a guru to guide you. Sometimes they may exhibit them in order to convince the aspirants of the existence of super physical things, give them encouragement, and instil faith in their hearts. Her passion vanished. What is the definition of discipleship? Questioner: What are the qualities of a true guru? He had Bhava-Samadhi. What qualities should the disciple have? You are in need of a Guru or Preceptor who will explain to you the right meaning, who will remove doubts and ambiguities, who will place before you the essence of the teachings. The number of realised souls may be less in the Iron Age when compared with the Satya Yuga, but they are always present to help the aspirants. Watch Queue Queue The very company itself is self-illumination. Bilvamangal was very much attracted to Chintamani, the dancing woman. Q. It advocates the unity and sanctity of all forms of life, whether high or low in the evolutionary table. If you fail to get a first-class Guru, try to follow the instructions of the Sadhu who is treading the path for some years, who has purity and other virtuous qualities, and who has some knowledge of the scriptures. To light a candle, you need a burning candled Even so, an illumined soul alone can enlighten another soul. The importance of Guru Guru is not the body, Guru is light, Guru is wisdom, and light and wisdom are essential in human life. Lord Jesus, through touch, transmitted his spiritual power to some of his disciples. It may sound strange but the biggest danger to your spiritual advancement is if you accept as your guru a person who is incapable of guiding you back home, back to Godhead. The aspirant who is under the guidance of a Master or Guru is safe from being led astray. A. The term Sat Guru means Permanent Spiritual Teacher. Swami Vivekananda had super conscious experience. There are cross references. It is only the Guru who will find out your defects. The indirect approach will give you the benefit of progress but there is no liberation without meeting the living great human being. He must have ethical perfection. Just see how the Lord has helped the devotees in the following instances. A word from him is a word from God. With the grace of the guru is this affliction cured." The Guru can transform the disciple by a look, a touch, a thought or a word or willing. When is it possible for the wisdom in you to remain intact? Without a sound structure and foundation the building won’t be strong. First let us understand the meaning of the word ‘Guru’. What is the difference between Guru and Spiritual master (Gnani Purush)? There are passages that are apparently contradictory and others that have esoteric meanings, diverse significance and hidden explanations. Without a Guru spiritual progress is slow and painful. Guru-Kripa, grace of the Guru, is very necessary. What is the definition of discipleship? Ordinary ignorant-minded persons cannot easily recognise them. Diksha Guru can be only one—the one who leads him to Moksha. A Bhakta will be initiated by a Bhakta saint in the path of devotion. Lord Krishna touched the blind eyes of Suradas. The Guru who teaches him the knowledge of worldly arts is the Siksha Guru. Dada Bhagwan Foundation spreads the spiritual science of Akram Vignan - the science of Self Realization, as expounded by the Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. Satsanga or association with the Guru is an armour and fortress to guard you against all temptations and unfavourable forces of the material world. They are not prepared to undergo any Sadhana for purification and Self-realisation. This is "Importance of the living guru (in Hindi)" by Mehul Kuwawala on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. The mind will mislead you very often. Mere study of books cannot make one a Guru. From a doctor, you get a prescription. Carefully follow, therefore, the instructions of the Guru. It was Ashtavakra who moulded the life of Raja Janaka. How to choose a Spiritual Guru? He tears your veil of ignorance. The single most important factor for spiritual growth is the presence of a Guru or Spiritual Teacher. One who has studied the Vedas and who has direct knowledge of Atman through Anubhava can only be enrolled as a Guru. His presence purifies all. It is only the Guru who will find out your defects. But, it is the aspirant that has to enter through it. Q. A Guru can be pleased with his disciple only if the latter carries out his spiritual instructions implicitly. The indirect approach will give you the benefit of progress but there is no liberation without meeting the living great human being. From two doctors, you get consultation. ~ Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. Then you will have rapid spiritual progress. He is the gateway to the transcendental Truth-Consciousness. The Importance of Having a Qualified Guru. He is a being who has raised himself from this into That, and thus has a free and unhampered access to both the realms. If you take him as a man, you are a beast. Some teachers mislead their aspirants. Alternatively, do I need to leave him? Importance of living guru is such that one can get fast enlightenment and instant liberation. That is the true level of reverence given to the Guru. Spiritual power is transmitted by the Guru to the proper disciple whom he considers fit for Sakti-Sanchara. A Hatha Yogi or Raja Yogi can initiate another in his particular path. But, a sage of perfect Realisation, a Purna Jnani or Purna Yogi, can give initiation in any particular path. Importance of Guru. Questioner: If we surrender to the great souls that lived thousands of years ago, can that be considered surrender? The Importance of Guru in our lives People are born on this earth. Two things do not exist in the path of moksha. A disciple of Samartha Ramdas transmitted his power to that dancing girl’s daughter who was very passionate towards him. They come across some obstacles in the way. Similarities and dis-similarities are always there, but broadly classified, the lifecycle of every person born, is the same. I have set out to give the gift of moksha, therefore, I can give moksha. Now suppose it is the middle of the night and 5 of these disciples need the guru’s urgent help simultaneously. Gather knowledge from all, but adopt the teachings of one Master. He removes all your troubles, sorrows and obstacles. They do not know how to obviate these impediments or stumbling blocks. Guru and Sastras can show you the path and remove your doubts. Questioner: What are the grave dangers of criticizing or bad mouthing a Guru? One Guru will tell you: “Do Soham Japa.” Another will tell you: “Do Japa of Sri Ram.” A third Guru will tell you: “Hear Anahata sounds.” You will be puzzled. That is why, ‘Teacher’s Day’ should be celebrated on the auspicious day of Gurupournima to offer gratitude at the feet of our teachers. Do not surrender yourself to any Guru.” When one says, “Do not follow any Gurus,” he intends to be the listeners’ Guru himself. Satgurus do not exhibit any miracles or Siddhis. Do not accept a known guru as guru, and if you do, then do not turn your back on him. He is the Satguru. Watch Akram Vignan's Spiritual discourses on TV all over the world. Q. He need not teach anything. It’s the way you live, the way you conduct yourself in daily life. In your Guru, you have your human ideal of perfection. A Satguru is endowed with countless Siddhis. Dadashri: What are the jivas (the human beings) of this...Read More, A. GURU (part 2) The importance of the Guru cannot be overstated. Prostrations to that Guru who, by the collyrium-rod of Knowledge, opens the eyes of those who are rendered blind by the darkness of ignorance (Guru Gita). I encourage these students to take up yoga. Who is a True Guru? Stick to one Guru and follow his instructions. New Jersey: The State of New Jersey through “New Jersey Senate Concurrent Resolution 118” of 2020-21 has recognized cultural, religious, and interfaith importance of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as “Living Guru” of Sikhs in promoting peace. Once you choose your Guru, implicitly follow him. Even Devas have Brihaspati as their Guru. Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus, Rama Tirtha have all done Sadhana. The Importance of the Guru By Lama Yeshe : The Internal and External Guru . Consider the example of a guru living in Rishikesh. What is the difference between Guru and Spiritual master (Gnani Purush)? The 'logs' are crooked and therefore there are crooked 'saws' for...Read More. Lord Krishna sat at the feet of His Guru Sandipani. Importance of the Guru and meaning of the word ‘Guru’ The Guru-Disciple tradition is a unique feature of our nation and culture. Do not consider him to be only a man. Do not use your reason too much in the selection of your Guru. The Guru is God Himself manifesting in a personal form to guide the aspirant. Guru’s role and his guidance in Kriya yoga is indispensable and cannot be neglected. He that has attained moksha himself and who sets out to give moksha to others is the only one that can give moksha. He is a Knower of Brahman. Book Name : Guru and Disciple (Page #48 Paragraph #2, #3, #4, #5 & #6), A. His Satguru will meet him along that path. Thus he finds that the Self is the Guru.” “The Guru is both outer and inner. The Guru who shows him the path of Realisation is the Diksha Guru. Some are successful, some are not. They want a magic pill to push them into Samadhi. The inner eye of Suradas was opened. He inspires devotion in others. Then only will you deserve his blessings, and then alone his blessings can do everything. He must do rigid Purushartha, spiritual practices. Then the Guru will find out for what particular path the student is fit and initiate him in that. Realisation cannot come to you as a miracle done by your Guru. Jul 3, 2020 - Importance of living guru is such that one can get fast enlightenment and instant liberation. He repeated this Mantra and had Darshan of Lord Krishna. Only a few persons, who are pure and embodiments of all virtuous qualities, can understand realised souls, and they alone will be benefited in their company. All the sages, saints, prophets, world teachers, incarnations, great men have had their own Gurus, however great they might have been. It’s not just two hours of practicing on your mat. He will have to struggle hard in Sadhana for further perfection and attainments. In Sakti-Sanchara, a certain spiritual vibration of the Satguru is actually transferred to the mind of the disciple. “May the world attain Ultimate Peace and may some attain Liberation”, Located 20 kms from Ahmedabad, Simandhar City is a place for spiritual progress. From outside he gives a push to the mind to turn inward while from inside he pulls it towards the Self and helps in quieting it. If you have surrendered, then you will attain everything of his. Importance of Guru in Our Life: Nature has given human beings capacity to evolve beyond all limitations provided he is willing to strive. It is a hidden mystic science. My fellow human beings, greetings. There are ambiguous passages. He must have a pure mind. He will put you in the proper path and guide you.” He acted accordingly and found his Guru. The whole work must be done by the student. He makes you immortal and divine. He shows you the right divine path. The scriptures are like a forest. What is the definition of Guru? The concept of oneness of all creation is the focal point of the ���Guru Granth Sahib'. He possesses all divine Aisvarya, all the wealth of the Lord. If your present situation doesn’t allow you regular access to spiritual masters in ISKCON, one option is to buy recordings of lectures by gurus from the tape ministries listed on What are the dangers of bad mouthing a Guru? Totapuri imparted knowledge to Sri Ramakrishna, and Ramakrishna to Swami Vivekananda. The term Guru is one of the most intractable terms in Hindu philosophy – a philosophy which is the oldest and has a unique living tradition of over 5,000 years, if not earlier. The right Guru for one’s life is someone who has been through the journey and is connected to the Divine. The importance of a guru is extolled in the ancient texts of Hinduism. The latter became his Guru. To see the Guru is to see God. According to a mythological story, Indra, the king of gods, after defeating the devils, was enjoying the luxuries and comforts of heaven. A hungry man will have to eat for himself. Dadashri: People are like that too. This concurrent resolution recognizes the cultural, religious, and interfaith importance of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as “Living Guru” of Sikhs in promoting peace and declaring Sikhs as a distinct ethnic and religious minority. Hence, the importance of the Guru is not lessened thereby. Attend Interactive Spiritual discourses at. How to choose a Spiritual Guru? Queen Chudalai assumed the form of Kumbha Muni, appeared before her husband Sikhidhvaja in the forest, and initiated him into the mysteries of Kaivalya. The Guru is a help, but the actual task of practical Sadhana falls on the aspirant himself. Sakti-Sanchara comes through Parampara. Q. It guided him and took him to his Guru Nammalvar who was sitting in his Samadhi underneath a tamarind tree near Tinnevelly. What are the qualities of Guru? If a child is born to us, the child does not have to do anything. A sage or saint like Sri Sankara or Madhusudhana Sarasvati can initiate a Sadhaka, in any particular path for which the aspirant is fit. The Word, Guru Nanak tells us, "The essence of all worship and the cure for the chronic malady of haumai, haumai is a chronic affliction, no doubt, but its cure inheres within. Usually in India, they would stay out in the moonlight, with the guru if it was possible. Questioner: The gurus of today are only after money. Worship your Guru and bow to him with reverence. Finally, he became a Guru himself. A unique non-sectarian Temple inspired by Akram Vignani, Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan. You are in need of a Guru or Preceptor who will explain to you the right meaning, who will remove doubts and ambiguities, who will place before you the essence of the teachings. Beautifully explained by Swami Brahmatejji. Traditionally, people made use of this time of receptivity in whatever best way they could. He who is able to clear your doubts, he who is sympathetic in your Sadhana, he who does not disturb your beliefs but helps you on from where you are, he in whose very presence you feel spiritually elevated—he is your Guru. However if you find such a living (pratyaksh) person, then your liberation will be instant. A. A. God will guide you through the Guru. Gaudapadacharya imparted Self-knowledge to his disciple Govindacharya; Govindacharya to his disciple Sankaracharya; Sankaracharya to his disciple Suresvaracharya. I do agree that there are so many bogus guru’s out there I am looking for a guru as well, but I still think that there must be a living guru to approach. Lord Jesus sought John to be baptised by him on the banks of the river Jordan. They say to all: “Think for yourself. Dadashri: Your faith will bear fruits only...Read More. Competent disciples are never in want of a competent Guru. They had already studied under the Guru. This guru has disciples spread all over the world. Respect all, but adore one. To whomever you surrender your intellect; you will attain the energies of that person. You will come to know the greatness of Guru. If you are not able to find out even this second-class type of Guru, you can follow the teachings contained in the books written by realised saints like Sri Sankara, Dattatreya and others. Lord Krishna asks Arjuna to develop Vairagya and Abhyasa. He will tell you: “This road leads you to Moksha; this one leads to bondage.” Without this guidance, you might want to go to Badrinath, but find yourself in Delhi! Pujya Dadashri explains that one has to surrender to guru who is a living spiritual master. Grave danger in uprooting a Guru A Jnani will initiate a student of Vedanta in the Mahavakyas. The Guru is usually a term which connotes someone who is a teacher, guide, expert, or master. He gives you the rope of knowledge and saves you when you are drowning in this ocean of Samsara. They come into existence as spiritual masters as a result of the intense service, study and meditation practised in previous births. Infinity is available but not tangible; the Guru is both infinite and tangible. Lord Rama had Guru Vasishtha who gave Him Upadesa. Realised souls are not rare. You can keep a photo of such a realised Guru, if available, and worship the same with faith and devotion. Cases of those who had attained perfection without study under any Guru should not be cited as authoritative against the necessity for a Guru; for, such great men are the anomalies of spiritual life, and not the common normality. Possession of Siddhis is not the test to declare the greatness of a sage or to prove he has attained Self-realisation. Q. Questioner: Please explain the difference between a guru and a Gnani Purush? If his heart is impure, the teacher will prescribe selfless service for a number of years. Q. The importance of Guru in ancient Hindu texts. The Svetasvatara Upanishad (6.23) emphasizes the importance of reverence for a guru stating that the teachings will illuminate those great souls who have reverence for God as well as for a guru. Then they begin to search for a Master. Lord Krishna directed Namadev to get his higher initiation from a Sannyasin at Mallikarjuna. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa touched Swami Vivekananda. Akram Vignan is a practically applied spiritual science and is a ‘shortcut’ path to liberation. (SGGS: pg.466). “ If one realizes his own Self, then he himself is an Absolute Supreme Soul (Parmatma). If you have got such delusion, give it up immediately. Guru Nanak says: "When I cast my look around, I see none … Just as a student of the Intermediate Class will be able to teach a student of Third Form when a professor with M.A. Strive, purify, meditate and realise. Use a pot if you do not like him....Read More. Spiritual knowledge is a matter of Guru-Parampara. Later on, they actually feel the necessity for a Guru. He is the captain of your soul. Questioner: Now whom can we call a 'satguru'? What qualities should the disciple have? They are the living testaments of a spiritual lineage as old as the civilization itself. After surrendering, you do not have to do anything else. Importance of Living Guru by Mandhir Bajaj, Singapore. A living Guru is important because he can guide you according to the nature of your body-mind mechanism. This method of transmitting spiritual powers is termed Sakti-Sanchara. From three doctors, you get your own cremation. A. He is the fountain of joy. Anubhava of Aparoksha kind or direct intuitive knowledge is left for your own experience. She became very religious and spiritual. The present birth is only its continuative spiritual effect. He is the pattern from which you wish to mould yourself. A. Questioner: If we have faith (shraddha) in a guru regardless of what he is like, will that faith bear fruits? Just as you can give an orange to a man, so also, spiritual power can be transmitted by one to another. Religion does not exist where there are...Read More, subscribe your email for our latest news and events. Pujya Dadashri explains that one has to surrender to guru who is a living spiritual master. Sikhism was founded in 15th Century Punjab, India, by … Just as a man cannot see his back, so also he cannot see his own errors. When he … One is thoughts about woman and the other is thoughts about money. The importance of Guru in your life - Guru is a tatva — an element, a quality inside you. Guru, (Sanskrit: “venerable”) in Hinduism, a personal spiritual teacher or guide.From at least the mid-1st millennium bce, when the Upanishads (speculative commentaries on the Vedas, the revealed scriptures of Hinduism) were composed, India has stressed the importance of the tutorial method in religious instruction. This is the importance of Guru. He cannot have God as Guru to begin with. Do not approach such pseudo-Gurus. What are the pitfalls in the path of liberation? There is no difference between God, Guru, and Self.” Nowadays, people want a drop of water from the Kamandalu of a Sannyasin and desire to enter into Samadhi immediately. The Guru is verily a link between the individual and the Immortal. How can one have his blessings? Lord Gauranga, through his touch, produced divine intoxication in many people and converted them to his side. He transmutes your lower, diabolical nature. Although each guru in ISKCON has been authorized by ISKCON’s governing body, one has to select as a guru the person who inspires one in spiritual life after developing a relationship with them. For a sincere Sadhaka, help comes in a mysterious manner. Questioner: So what kind of qualities should the disciple have in order to have a guru? If he is engaged in teaching and spreading the knowledge, he is a guru. Siksha Gurus can be many—as many as the things he wishes to learn. He is an ocean of bliss, knowledge and mercy. He struggled hard for seven years more, even after the touch, for attaining perfection. Dadashri: No, he is necessary until...Read More. No doubt, Guru’s blessings can do everything. That is the power of samarpan (surrender of the mind speech and the body).