Get News Updates by Email or by Get NewsUpdates by RSS. hide caption. Yvette lives in a Houston neighborhood near the largest petrochemical complex in the U.S. January 15, 2021 • Dinosaurs ruled Earth for 180 million years, but to dominate they had to outcompete a slew of other animals. Latest Science news, comment and analysis from the Guardian, the world's leading liberal voice This sign, bilingual in English and Spanish, warns that the poisonous pesticide Lorsban has been applied to these orange trees. A recent report from the International Energy Agency said emissions fell across most parts of the economy, with one notable exception: SUVs. Test yourself and find out. 2020 ties with 2016 as world's hottest year on record, EU climate change service says Kate Abnett and Matthew Green, Reuters Posted at Jan 08 03:35 PM Last year tied with 2016 as the world's warmest year on record, rounding off the hottest decade globally as the impacts of climate change intensified, the European Union's Copernicus Climate Change Service said on Friday. September 09, 2020 6 min read 10 Good Environmental News Stories from the Past Month to Lift Your Spirits About Nature, Climate, and Biodiversity Nobody panic. India: Organic farming belt to come up on either side of Ganga in Uttar Pradesh 16 January 2021 - The Uttar Pradesh agriculture and horticulture departments, along with the Jal Shakti department, is rolling out a plan to turn a five-kilometre radius along both sides of the Ganga into an organic farming belt and in the process giving farmers a 'new and diversified income platform'. The debris washed through the trees below. Andrew Burton/Getty Images D. Downs/USGS Anode-Free Zinc Battery to Store Renewable ... Genetic Science: Toxic Tiger Rattlesnake Venom, Late Rainy Season Reliably Predicts Drought in Regions Prone to Food Insecurity, On the Origins of Money: Ancient European Hoards Full of Standardized Bronze Objects, Breakthrough in Understanding 'Tummy Bug' Bacteria, Free Online Tool Calculates Risk of COVID-19 Transmission in Poorly-Ventilated Spaces, Unlocking 'the Shape of Water' in Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance, Potential COVID-19 Drug Is Successful in Lab Study, Disease Threatens to Decimate Western Bats, Scientists Reveal Structure of Plants' Energy Generators, Study Identifies a Nonhuman Primate Model That Mimics Severe COVID-19 Similar to Humans, New Carbon Budget Framework Provides a Clearer View of Our Climate Deadlines, Tiny Bubbles Tell Tales of Big Volcanic Eruptions, Scientists to Global Policymakers: Treat Fish as Food to Help Solve World Hunger, Acidification Impedes Shell Development of Plankton Off the U.S. West Coast, Study Shows, New Clues Help Explain Why PFAS Chemicals Resist Remediation, Researchers Create 'Sheets' of Meat in the Lab That Stack Up Well Against Their Natural Counterparts, How Dietary Choice Influences Lifespan in Fruit Flies, Study Finds COVID-19 Attack on Brain, Not Lungs, Triggers Severe Disease in Mice, Eggs Reveal What May Happen to Brain on Impact, All-Purpose Dinosaur Opening Reconstructed, Obese, Snoring Mini Pigs Show How Air Flows Through the Throat During Sleep Apnea, Breakthrough in Understanding 'tummy Bug' Bacteria, Unlocking 'the Shape of Water' In Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance, Researchers Create 'sheets' Of Meat in the Lab That Stack Up Well Against Their Natural Counterparts, Appreciating a Flower's Texture, Color, and Shape Leads to Better Drone Landings, Prenatal BPA Exposure May Contribute to the Male Bias of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Genetic Rewiring Behind Spectacular Evolutionary Explosion in East Africa, New Biomaterials Can Be 'fine-Tuned' For Medical Applications, 50 Million-Year-Old Fossil Assassin Bug Has Unusually Well-Preserved Genitalia, Gene-Editing 'scissor' Tool May Also Be a 'dimmer Switch', Bio-Inspired: How Lobsters Can Help Make Stronger 3D Printed Concrete, Research Establishes Antibiotic Potential for Cannabis Molecule, Dinosaur-Era Sea Lizard Had Teeth Like a Shark, New Tool Removes Chemotherapy Drugs from Water Systems, Fried Food Intake Linked to Heightened Serious Heart Disease and Stroke Risk, A New Archaeology for the Anthropocene Era, Climate Change Will Alter the Position of the Earth's Tropical Rain Belt, New Management Approach Can Help Avoid Species Vulnerability or Extinction, Low-Carbon Policies Can Be 'balanced' To Benefit Small Firms and Average Households, Eliminating Microplastics in Wastewater Directly at the Source, Scientists Offer Road Map to Improve Environmental Observations in the Indian Ocean, Glass Frogs Living Near Roaring Waterfalls Wave Hello to Attract Mates, Scientists Identify Nutrient That Helps Prevent Bacterial Infection, Researchers Trace Geologic Origins of Gulf of Mexico 'super Basin' Success, Scientists Identify Contents of Ancient Maya Drug Containers, Stuck in a Rut: Ocean Acidification Locks Algal Communities in a Simplified State, Divergences Between Scientific and Indigenous and Local Knowledge Can Be Helpful, Filling a Crucial Gap in Aquafarming: Ion Beam Breeding to the Rescue, Genital Shape Key to Male Flies' Sexual Success, Basis for the Essential Cellular Powerhouses, Designer Cytokine Makes Paralyzed Mice Walk Again, Intertropical Convergence Zone Limits Climate Predictions in the Tropical Atlantic, Changing Resilience of Oceans to Climate Change, Guppies Have Varying Levels of Self-Control, New Fossil Provides Clarity to the History of Alligatoridae. hide caption. Overnight, the western vent in the wall of Halema'uma'u continued to erupt. ... November 5, 2020. Implementing 1st-Ever Airplane Emission Rules; Critics Say They're Ineffective, Barry Lopez, Acclaimed Author And Traveler Beyond Many Horizons, Dies At 75, Scientists Have Found Some Truly Ancient Ice, But Now They Want Ice That's Even Older, Big Oil Evaded Regulation And Plastic Pellets Kept Spilling, 3 Skiers Killed In Colorado Avalanches As Authorities Warn Of Weak Snowpack. Dan Charles/NPR Content on this website is for information only. Top Headlines . December 28, 2020 • The Environmental Protection Agency said the new rules will not result in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. ... Jan. 15, 2021 — Earth's global average surface temperature in 2020 tied with 2016 as … Many received more than $100,000, yet didn't necessarily need the help. Richard Vogel/AP President Joe Biden is directing the U.S. to rejoin the international Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to cut global greenhouse gas emissions. News Hour By TOLOnews . A Southwest Airlines flight takes off as United Airlines planes sit parked on a runway at Denver International Airport in April. hide caption. 6 memorable environmental stories from 2020. December 30, 2020 • Total payments to farmers reached $46 billion, a record. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. Should oil companies pay? December 31, 2020 • The volcano on Hawaii's Big Island began erupting more than a week ago and lava continues to flow, creating a huge new lake that's taken the place of a water lake it vaporized. Financial support for ScienceDaily comes from advertisements and referral programs, where indicated. Climate change activists holding signs join in on a rally supporting the "Green New Deal" in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, May 24, 2019. January 20, 2021 • This likely means the end of the $8 billion pipeline, a years-long project that would have carried oil sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to the American Gulf Coast. The fifth edition of the UN’s Global Biodiversity Outlook report, published by the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD), provides an authoritative overview of the state of nature worldwide.. Paleontologist Emma Schachner thinks their lungs could have been the competitive advantage, Aircraft largely stayed on the ground in spring 2020, leading to a drop in greenhouse gas emissions. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily, its staff, its contributors, or its partners. Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media via Getty Images, Pandemic Drastically Cut Emissions From Cars. Research News. November 4, 2020. Also featuring Climate Connections, a special series on climate change co-produced by NPR and National Geographic. January 11, 2021 • The Trump administration is trying to force banks to make loans to gun-makers and to finance payday lenders. A skier was killed on Friday when he was buried in an avalanche in Colorado's Anthracite Range. History . January 13, 2021 • The Green New Deal Network is launching with over $20 million to promote their agenda, as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office and Democrats set to control both chambers of Congress. TED Octopuses Adapting to Higher Ocean Acid Levels, Taking the Lab Into the Ocean: A Fleet of Robots Tracks and Monitors Microbial Communities, Early COVID-19 Lockdown in Delhi Had Less Impact on Urban Air Quality Than First Believed, Blue-Eyed Humans Have a Single, Common Ancestor, Melting Icebergs Key to Sequence of an Ice Age, How Teeth Functioned and Evolved in Giant Mega-Sharks. The Arctic is changing faster than any environment on Earth. Vehicles drive on highway I-94 in St. Paul, Minn., on Nov. 7, 2020. U.S. President-elect Joe Biden delivers remarks on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware. What went right in 2020: the top 20 good news stories of the year As challenging as 2020 was, it also brought positive news for the environment, society, human rights – and even health Environment Science Society UK World But the effect is only temporary. For 20 years, our positive news from around the world has uplifted and inspired millions to become more optimistic. Are your news quiz skills way back in 2020? It's opposed by watchdog groups and banks. Read about the latest headlines covering global warming, recycling, conservation efforts, pollution and more on January 19, 2021 • Overwhelmed sewers. But now more than ever it is important to focus on the good! December 31, 2020 • Today, something episode of The NPR Politics Podcast we think you might appreciate. Baltimore is struggling to pay for the massive infrastructure and public health costs associated with global warming. Oftentimes, keeping up with our state’s environmental news can be daunting — and sometimes discouraging as we tend to focus on the long list of problems to be solved. hide caption. The Trump administration kept it on the market. Environment. Good news prevails: 100 positive things that happened in 2020 ... From small acts of kindness to new albums that got us dancing, here are 100 good things that happened in … Not as Simple as Thought: How Bacteria Form Membrane Vesicles, How Insects Activate Muscles to Adapt to Limbs Removed, Snakes Evolve a Magnetic Way to Be Resistant to Venom, Rare Lichen Unique to Florida Discovered in Museum Collections, May Be Extinct, Research Breaks New Ground in Understanding How a Molecular Motor Generates Force, Eating Omega-3 Fat Helps Hibernating Arctic Ground Squirrels Warm Up During Deep Cold, How Plants Produce Defensive Toxins Without Harming Themselves, Scientists Discover Electric Eels Hunting in a Group, Hard to Crack Research Reveals How Crop Roots Penetrate Hard Soils, Model Analyzes How Viruses Escape the Immune System, Greenland Melting Likely Increased by Bacteria in Sediment, Toadlet Peptide Transforms Into a Deadly Weapon Against Bacteria, Reverse Engineering 3D Chromosome Models for Individual Cells, Accounting for the Gaps in Ancient Food Webs, Posidonia Marine Seagrass Can Catch and Remove Plastics from the Sea, Feces and Algorithms: Artificial Intelligence to Map Our Intestinal Bacteria, Teeth Pendants Speak of the Elk's Prominent Status in the Stone Age, Physical Virology Shows the Dynamics of Virus Reproduction, New Classification Marks Paradigm Shift in How Conservationists Tackle Climate Change, Cancer Research Reveals How Mutations in a Specific Gene Cause Different Types of Disease, Spectacular Fossil Discovery: 150 Million-Year-Old Shark Was One of the Largest of Its Time, Micro-Climate Molds and Reshapes Northern Insect Communities, Herbivory and Predation, Scientists Artificially Infect Mosquitoes With Human Malaria to Advance Treatment, A Highly Sensitive Technique for Measuring the State of a Cytoskeleton, Climate Change Is Hurting Children's Diets, Global Study Finds, A Climate in Crisis Calls for Investment in Direct Air Capture, New Research Finds, Human-Induced Climate Change Caused the Northwestern Pacific Warming Record in August 2020, How the Brain Paralyzes You While You Sleep, Scientists Discover the Secret of Galápagos' Rich Ecosystem, Concept for a Hybrid-Electric Plane May Reduce Aviation's Air Pollution Problem, Bees Respond to Wildfire Aftermath by Producing More Female Offspring, 600-Year-Old Marine Sponge Holds Centuries-Old Climate Records, Scientists Reduce Uncertainty in Forest Carbon Storage Calculations, Penned Release of Green Geckos Has Potential to Help Preserve Threatened Native Species, Pulsed Ultraviolet Light Technology to Improve Egg Safety, Help Poultry Industry, Shedding Light on the Secret Reproductive Lives of Honey Bees, Resilience to Climate Change? Analysts point to controversy, low oil prices and an incoming administration that opposes drilling. GOOD NEWS! Questions? The crown of the avalanche was on the right, below the rocky ridge. January 15, 2021 • Journalist Beth Gardiner and activist Yvette Arellano explain the long-term health effects of air pollution. Nate Hegyi/Yellowstone Public Radio There have been a few surprises this month in regards to the wellbeing of the p John Higgins Alex Edelman/AFP via Getty Images hide caption. Read the latest news and stories on science, travel, adventure, photography, environment, animals, history, and cultures from National Geographic. 2020 Tied for Warmest Year On Record: NASA, Climate Change: Billions in Flood Damages, Pulsar Acceleration: Milky Way's Dark Side, Platypus: How Odd Mammal Got to Be So Bizarre, 2020 Tied for Warmest Year on Record, NASA Analysis Shows, Why Crocodiles Have Changed So Little Since the Age of the Dinosaurs, Mapping the Platypus Genome: How Earth's Oddest Mammal Got to Be So Bizarre, Discovery Boosts Theory That Life on Earth Arose from RNA-DNA Mix, Amber-Encased Fossil Shines Light on Evolution of Bioluminescent Insects, An Anode-Free Zinc Battery That Could Someday Store Renewable Energy, Study Shows How Network of Marine Protected Areas Could Help Safeguard Antarctic Penguins, Smart Vaccine Scheme Quick to Curb Rabies Threat in African Cities, Land Deals Meant to Improve Food Security May Have Hurt, Exploration of Toxic Tiger Rattlesnake Venom Advances Use of Genetic Science Techniques, Constructing Termite Turrets Without a Blueprint, Protected Areas Vulnerable to Growing Emphasis on Food Security. The National Environment Agency; Media; News; ... JOINT NEWS RELEASE BETWEEN NEA, NHB AND FMAS Singapore, 16 December 2020 – Hawke... more. A snowmobiler in Wyoming also died on Friday. January 20, 2021 • President Biden has set his sights on more than 100 Trump administration environmental rollbacks as well as plans to rejoin the international climate accord. hide caption. Pesticide warning sign in an orange grove. hide caption. No social distancing in the Cretaceous: New study finds earliest evidence for mammal social behavior. Inside of the Blue Ice Drill tent, drillers Tanner Kuhl (left) and Elizabeth Morton (right) work with graduate students Austin Carter, Jacob Morgan and postdoctoral fellow Sarah Shackleton in Antarctica in 2019. The Trump administration has held the first oil lease sale in the refuge. Flooded streets. Unfortunately, after the events of the year 2020, instead of clarity, it forever will be associated with death, loneliness, and outrage. A post shared by BBC News (@bbcnews) on Mar 19, 2020 at 8:19am PDT We've officially found our favorite Quarantine Crew : three British grandmothers named Doreen Burns, Carol Spark, and Dotty Robinson. December 22, 2020 • Oil and gas companies make enough pellets each year to fill a stadium several times over. With countless businesses, individuals, governments, and organizations joining in on the fight against climate change, these ten headlines from 2019 show that we have made more than a … Climate Emissions, Former Michigan Gov. 1 2. As RV Wastewater Pilot Program coordinator for Seattle Public Utilities, Chris Wilkerson visits people living in motor homes and trailers and offers to pump out their waste for free. January 13, 2021 • At least a dozen people died and more than 80 people fell ill after untreated water from the Flint River caused lead to leach from old pipes, poisoning the water system city residents relied on. Francois Guillot/AFP via Getty Images January 18, 2021. January 14, 2021 • As Americans stayed home during the pandemic, cars and planes produced less heat-trapping emissions. Crews observe the continuing eruption in Halema'uma'u at Kilauea in the early morning of Dec. 28. Our colleagues take a look at Joe Biden's approach to climate and health policy. The drilling rig Polar Pioneer outfits for Arctic oil exploration in 2015. Ethan Miller/Getty Images hide caption. Ryan Kellman/NPR Florida’s Environment: The Good News for August and September 2020. Any leases would also face opposition from a Biden administration. Caribou graze on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Now Former Michigan Gov. Stephen Maturen/Getty Images January 20, 2021 • In rich countries, every sector of the economy reduced its contribution to climate change last year — with one big gas-guzzling exception. hide caption. Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images Jim West/Science Source Get the latest BBC Science and Environment News: breaking news, analysis and debate on science and nature in the UK and around the world. Critics call the move bizarre. A proposed rule from the Trump administration would force banks to offer financing to oil companies, gun-makers and high-cost payday lenders, even if the banks don't want to. March has been a doozy. Are Partially Protected Areas the 'red Herrings' Of Marine Conservation? Pandemic Causes Historic — But Fleeting— Drop In U.S. The #1 source for good news! As in many cities, flood risk has dramatically increased as the Earth has gotten hotter. hide caption. Advisory. Erin Slomski-Pritz/NPR A polar bear with cubs in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 2014. But some ice on our planet has stayed frozen for millions of years, according to scientists on a quest to find the oldest ice. hide caption. The Keystone XL pipeline was set to have passed near the White River in South Dakota. Mark Makela/Getty Images Elaine Thompson/AP Science. Photographed in Woodlake, in the San Joaquin Valley, California, USA. 2020 Predictions: The Good, the Bad, and the Unlikely February 18th, 2:36 AM EST Nostradamus, the world’s most famous 16th-century prophet and mystic, is believed to have prophesied the year 2020 and has called for both disasters and revelations. 9 Positive Environmental Stories from March Wow. hide caption. hide caption. The Lone Exception? Environmentalists are calling for more stringent measures. December 22, 2020 • "Colorado is the home of weak snow and avalanches are not uncommon. Deadly heat waves. "It has disproportionately gone to the largest producers," he says. Ron Rosmann, seen in 2011, received some of the subsidies but says he's not in favor of the program. During limited public audience, Pope Francis urges faithful to maintain social distance, 'each person’s good is common good' By VOA News Wed, 09/09/2020 - 10:51 AM Vanessa Keegan, her boyfriend and 3-year-old son live a block from where rail cars will carry liquefied natural gas to an export facility on the Delaware River. December 29, 2020 • Fifteen states are challenging the decision, arguing that the risk of explosion puts lives in danger. SUVs, Toxic Pesticide Faces New Scrutiny From Biden Administration, Biden Moves To Have U.S. Rejoin Climate Accord, Biden To Move Quickly On Climate Change, Reversing Trump Rollbacks, Union Pushing Keystone XL Faces Racial Discrimination Suit, Supreme Court Considers Baltimore Suit Against Oil Companies Over Climate Change. Mark Wilson/Getty Images The report notes the importance of biodiversity in addressing climate change, and long-term food security, and concludes that action to protect biodiversity is essential to prevent future … Environment. Baltimore is one of many American cities where the costs of climate change far exceed local resources. hide caption. December 26, 2020 • Lopez — who won a National Book Award in 1986 for Arctic Dreams — wrote about his travels to far places. December 26, 2020 • Ice is usually ephemeral; it doesn't last that long before melting. January 1, 2021 • There's little solid data on how much oil is under the refuge, and lawsuits and market forces could dampen industry interest. hide caption. Top Environment News. hide caption. The oil industry has long known it has a pellet pollution problem, but that's not what it told the public. hide caption. President Biden plans to block the controversial pipeline in one of his first acts of office. January 3, 2021 • The city has noticed a rise in illegal sewage spills as the number of people living out of RVs and other vehicles has increased dramatically. Here, activists rally on Dec. 12, 2015. Barry Lopez won the National Book Award in 1986 for Arctic Dreams. Farmers Got A Government Bailout In 2020, Even Those Who Didn't Need It, 'That Terrifies Me': Trump Rule Allows Natural Gas Transport By Rail In Dense Areas, U.S. LATEST NEWS. Behold the world’s tallest trees. Filter News by News Type and Research Area. This year is worse," the Colorado Avalanche Information Center said Sunday. hide caption. hide caption. Keystone XL pipeline sections sit on a train near Glendive, Mont. President Biden has vowed quick action on climate change, appointing the largest climate staff of any president. hide caption. Get the latest science news with ScienceDaily's free email newsletters, updated daily and weekly. For many of us, our daily routines have drastically changed this month due to the Coronavirus. Emma Schachner: How Did Dinosaur's Lungs Help Them Dominate The Earth For So Long? January 19, 2021 • Pipeliners Local 798, which represents thousands of workers on projects across the country, has a history of racism and faces new allegations it discriminated against Black members. James MacDonald/Bloomberg/Getty Images Beth Gardiner: What Are The Consequences Of Breathing Dirty Air? hide caption. 15 Dec 2020. TOLOnews 10pm News 22 September 2020 ... “We hope that there is good security, good businesses and a safe environment in which people can easily come together and spend their time,” said Mohammad Asif, owner of a restaurant. TOLOnews 10pm News 22 September 2020 News - Earth & Environment. Rick Snyder, (R-MI), listens to Congressional members remarks during a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, about the Flint, Mich. water crisis in 2016. How Will Climate And Health Policy Look Under Biden? January 20, 2021 • President Biden signed an executive order to have the country reenter the Paris Climate Agreement, less than four months after formally withdrawing. It is not intended to provide medical or other professional advice. Rick Snyder Charged In Flint Water Crisis, Progressives Gear Up For Broad New Push On Climate Action, Trump Regulator's Rule Would Force Banks To Lend To Gun-Makers And Oil Drillers, Major Oil Companies Take A Pass On Controversial Lease Sale In Arctic Refuge, Homeless In Seattle Get Help From City Waste Pumper, After Decades-Long Push, It's Not Clear Who Will Bid In Arctic Refuge Oil Lease Sale, Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Eruption Creates 600-Foot-Deep Lava Lake. hide caption. January 6, 2021 • After a three-year push by the Trump administration, almost no oil companies offered bids. January 20, 2021 • President Biden's wave of executive actions includes an order to reexamine one controversial, but widely used, pesticide called chlorpyrifos. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service As per the report, India's leopard population in 2018 was estimated at 12,852, with maximum big cats being found in Madhya Pradesh at 3,421, followed by Karnataka at 1,783 and Maharashtra 1,690. Environment News News Based on facts, ... September 25, 2020 at 6:00 a.m. ... “The time has come for companies to step up and help us be good environmental stewards,” Ting said. Colorado Avalanche Information Center Recycled plastic pellets are displayed at a facility in Ontario. From 8000 in 2014, India's leopard population increased to over 12,000 in 2018: Prakash Javadekar Dec 21, 2020, 09:26 PM IST. Breaking news on the environment, climate change, pollution, and endangered species. But his writings aren't just travelogues, they remind us of how precious life on Earth is. Find environmental news, photos and videos. Have any problems using the site? But it’s just as important for us to focus on the good news. Beth Gardiner speaks on the TEDx stage in London. John W. Clark Emma Lee/WHYY Or view hourly updated newsfeeds in your RSS reader: Keep up to date with the latest news from ScienceDaily via social networks: Tell us what you think of ScienceDaily -- we welcome both positive and negative comments. hide caption. Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media via Getty Images hide caption. For one project, highly flammable gas will travel 200 miles through a busy East Coast corridor. Year-end message for 2020 By Grant Brown, Founder, Happy Eco News A year of tragedy and discord For my whole life, the number 2020 was used to describe what is known as perfect vision.