Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. Really cool chemistry stuff going on there. HOWEVER, he did suggest I use a ball with less spin, as I’m about 3000-3100 rpms. A new material that provides more control around the greens AND more distance off the tee does sound like a “game changer”, but at $45/dozen it needs to be better than the ProV1 or it likely won’t elevate their sales. It’s frankly baffling why they don’t pay more attention to this. I honestly feel Bridgestone is that company to put all their energy in a ball. If you want more spin, try the Tour B XS. Hi Matt: Another great review. I love the way the BX reacts off the driver face,: irons and great spin on the wedges. All models performed around the greens like you would expect from a tour level golf ball. Listen to the Tour B XD-5 at Impact Next up was the AVX. “In the past, we’d say the XS spins more and we achieve that by manipulating a softer material. I think this is a big step forward because there’s no longer a trade off to be made between the long game and short game. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball also comes with a gradation core built, which promotes lower side-spin, hence the ball’s pin-point accuracy. Thxs. My handicap is 9 and I would typically use a PRO V1, after seeing a video that 70% of people use the wrong ball and then using the Bridgestone website it recommends I use RX if I select accuracy and the RXS if I select feel. A mile and a half ball speed is probably doable and still conforming. “When the ball needs to be fast off the driver face, the compression time is quicker, initial velocity is higher and the ball moves faster,” says Mellow. Until now you had to choose more distance or more spin. My advice, don’t read the box. :), my speed is around 95 96 mph but, unfortunatly I hit with a big amount of spin (3800 4000 rpm, I wrote to trackman support for an help!!) My driver swing speed is 115mph yet it tells me to go for higher spinning RXS because I’m more a mid handicapper. For the B-RX, 190 carry, 210 total and 4,500 RPM. Lexi Thompson scored a Top-1o in her first tournament with the new ball, and Tiger will be putting it in play at Torrey this weekend. But the fact that all four balls have the exact same performance increase tested under all skill levels speaks about how unique the REACTIV material is.”So I just read this and confused. I read your review in late April ( btw great article on the Bridgestone Tour B ) wanting to try these balls. But I have been doing a lot of digging and have been wanting to only play with one ball this season. Currently happy with the Snell MTB-X at $28 so before I spring for a more expensive ball would really like to see some kind of direct comparison. I just like having a different ball. but the X will go farther (i believe). I have in the past been more of a higher spin driver player, but am in the process of changing my driver to a more upward angle with less spin. This article is what sold me on Bridgestone and I just pulled the trigger. As of right now, Bridgestone, TaylorMade and Srixon are duking it out for the 3-4-5 market-share positions. The X and XS are of higher compression than the RX and RXS so in theory, with a higher swing speed you should be more distance with the X and XS. For example, a Titleist Pro V1 feels relatively soft to me compared to the junk I used to hit when a younger man. I liked Bridgestone’s swing speed fitting system on the B330, seemed easy to me. We had to confirm with Bridgestone twice to make sure we heard correctly. Ultimately, he didn’t, but Kuchar and Bryson both gamed the new X in Australia, with Kuchar holing the Cup-winning putt with it. I think the AVX and Tour B RX should be pretty similar. “We have new ads, new packaging, new tour activity – particularly with Freddie and the RX. Jakie 4 months ago I can’t wait until you start testing the direct to consumer balls. Bridgestone is getting back to basics with the Tour B irons lineup – the X-Blade and the X-CB cavity back. It is definitely low flying compared to the other Titleist tour balls. I was sent a dozen Tour B RX's with the Bridgestone test last fall based on Bridgestone's online fitting tool and generally liked the ball. For 2017, Bridgestone has rebranded their popular Tour B330 golf ball as simply Tour B. However, if you are already struggling with not enough spin, lowering spin on the irons will probably be more detrimental than the slight increase in distance will be helpful. Don't @ me. Their website is poor and lacks sufficiently detailed information about the respective ball models, or how to pick one. I average around 260 off the tee (carry and roll combined). Something that stood out immediately was the powerful sound … If you want softer feel and more spin, you would want to look at the other models, and I would think you’d start at the XS. Matt: Good point, which got me thinking. The new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls provide premium performance to a wide range of players. I jump between 5-8 handicap and to be honest I find most your balls nowadays are of high quality with good distances and spin around greens . I did find the RX models to have a bit more jump and a little less check spin. and around. WEDGE VERDICT – Dead heat between the B-RX and the AVX and not much of a drop-off from the Pro-V1. The Tour B RXS was slightly higher spinning than the Tour B RX, but the gap was not as big as the one between the X and XS. I kept tweaking my input to see what would lead to the E6 Soft recommendation, but was unsuccessful. Friends touted the benefits of the ball but when I got the the golf store I could not remember the numbers and letters of the ball they recommended so I ended up buying the tried and true Titleist ball. There might be many random points that golfers will offer for why they choose a golf ball, but I have outlined the major key points in my opinion. Well at my 95 mph swing, it was 10yds longer than my gamer but still had plenty of spin. Prov1 spins less than Prov1x. For the AVX, 144 carry, 162 total and 4,750 RPM. Bridgestone Tour B JGR HF1 irons. Are your drives ballooning? The Bridgestone Tiger Tour B XS ball was a phenomenal ball from tee to green. I really want to see the amateur testing on these balls over other leading balls……lets get this started ASAP!!!!! Used to play the B330S & loved it but felt their beer balls didnt cut it. I’m probably older than most of you, so even today’s firmer golf balls feel softer than the old rocks I used to hit 35 years ago. Ha. Based on testing, there was only about a 200-400 rpm difference in either the driver or 7 iron. With the addition of the new REACTIV cover, the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B X ball has the same distance with low spin off the tee, but more spin into the greens. I played the E6 Soft whenever I was able to play this winter. I think Bridgestones biggest problem is figuring out which back is right for you. I genuinely find the beginning of this article confusing. Instead, it deadens on impact and comes to a complete stop on the surface before the standard urethane pellet bounces a second time. We had the chance to try out each recently and were very impressed with how they complemented one another while remaining truly unique. Bridgestone CEO Dan Murphy firmly believes REACTIV and the new Tour Bs are a huge step in reclaiming lost business. Keep in mind, just as the Bridgestone Tour B X, this is a ball designed for the 105 mph or higher driver swing speeds. These irons are not very well known in the states, and Im not even sure if they were ever released to NA. Bridgestone Golf is part of that machine with more than 800 golf ball patents and a satchel-full of innovations including: So, where do you go for innovation in 2020? Hi Matt, 1..5 mph of ballspeed off the driver = 3-4 yards of carry. Both the Tour B RX and RXS shared that softer, heavier feel off the wedges. I gave switched to the new Tour B X, which is the recommended ball for the highest swing speeds. I don’t believe the difference in green side spin between the RX and RXS would be noticeable. I have thought about doing a Patreon page to allow people to contribute, but probably won’t go that route unless I can think of something really premium to offer as a thank you. I’m a long time fan of Bridgestone balls (and tires). I want a season’s supply of the Tour B RX. But the new RXS gives them the distance but, at the same time, they’ll be able to stop it on the green.”. “Full disclosure – we tried to get Rocco and Freddie into the RX/RXS balls previously,” says Mellow. If you wanted to try something to help with that, the only would I would recommend is the Tour B X. I know the Tour B Rx has less side spin for straighter ball flight. I should come and see you soon for help on my game. On the other end, the Tour B RXS has a soft cover with no discernible “click” and it feels like it compresses even on a short putt. With these qualifications, here it is. With your driver swing speed, I’m not sure how much distance is left on the table for you. I will say I love the feel off the club but, as many balls cost. “It all starts with product, obviously, but communicating that product is also something we’ll be doing,” says Murphy. So, I don’t need to land it softly. “Not just long from a marketing standpoint, but truly longer from a performance standpoint on one end of the spectrum, and then via spin separation on the other end, can we have more control and feel to it?”. The ball that will be most similar to the B300S is the Tour B XS. He's worked in nearly every job in the golf industry from club fitting to instruction to writing and speaking. The brand-new E12 Soft ($30) is apparently a three-piece ball that Bridgestone claims is a big improvement over the E6 Soft, which will apparently stay in the line-up for now at a much lower price point ($22). I see feel in terms off spin around the greens so from your post the green side control between the RX and RXS would not be noticeable ? Shop Bridgestone Golf drivers including TourB XD-3, XD-5, XD-7 and JGR. Before I played with the X I tried it on the practice green Putting and Chipping. REACTIV is, essentially, an enhanced type of urethane that creates a kind of unicorn: a ball that is longer off the tee and has shot-stopping short-game spin, and a ball that spins likes crazy around the green but is still long and straight with the driver. It was a great ball (I loved it) with a lot of distance and minimal spin for great control. By Eric . By Dominic Choma, Club Fitter. The theory is that at less than 105MPH, the amount of ball speed you lose with the driver will be minimal. Bridgestone’s REACTIV cover serves as an “impact modifier”. As a low spin player, I needed the additional spin of the XS to maximize my distance. And if you follow social media at all, you know Brendan Steele gamed the XS at the Sony in Hawaii – and damn near won. Whether that’s “too much” with the driver, you’ll only be able to find out by testing. I typically hit a high trajectory. Review of the Rarely Seen: Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons Review of the Rarely Seen: Bridgestone Tour B X-CB irons. Review: The Bridgestone Tour B X-CB players iron, which earned silver medal honors on the 2018 Golf Digest Hot List. Currently I look for sales (got BX balls for $25/box) and I like Snells at $26-$28/dozen. Didn’t Bernhard Langer game a yellow Ultra in the 1980s? For those who don’t know, that’s worth about 4-5 yards on every club if true. I play it. Thanks for the article and it was the best I’ve been able to find so far about the 2020 line. Bridgestone has been stepping up their game as of late and this is quite evident in the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls. I’d like to demo these next month when they come out, just curious if the X spins a ton less or just a little less. My first impression of the Bridgestone Tour B golf balls was how soft all of them are. I got the lowest driver spin with the Tour B X. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the my golf spy ball test recently released? $44.00 per dozen is more than I will pay. The two big things I noticed immediately was the very thin top line of the X-Blade and the rounded sole of both the blade and CB, which is more apparent in the CB. 0 Comment Report abuse L' Boogie. The other major difference is in driver spin. The Bridgestone Tour B XS Golf Ball retails for $44.99 a dozen (MSRP) and just like its B X sibling, it’s built and designed with the company’s proprietary Dual Dimple Design and SlipRes technology, for promoting better accuracy and improved control on every shot (including more birdies). In looking at the spin of the RX golf balls, I found the Tour B RX to be similar to the XS. “On the flip side, with an iron or wedge that’s moving more slowly, the compression time is actually longer. TOUR B X We have reinvented the TOUR B X to feature our new REACTIV cover technology. If you’re low spin, I would try the RXS or the XS. With the Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls, Bridgestone attempts to improve an already wildly popular design: the Tour B330 RX. Read on to find out. The feeling was superb. OEMs pull different levers to make a ball softer or firmer to get more ball speed or more spin or softer feel and they can adjust dimple patterns for aerodynamics and ball flight. Quick – name the biggest golf ball innovations over the past five years. It differs for other clubs. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. My 7-iron in my new set (Ping i210) was 78.6 club speed, 111.8 ball speed and 5625 spin rate (indoor fitting). The soft feel was not the low compression feel, it just had this feel off the club face that felt damn good. It’s a little firmer feeling than the XS but not hard by any means. I’m probably not the truly typical customer, but I’m not sure Bridgestone will gain a lot more market share with $45/box ball that MAY be a little better. Those expectations were quickly dismissed. Does anyone know if Srixon are coming with something in the Z line, or will that be in 12 months because of their cycle? Let me write this again so you can read it again: in testing – using robots and real golfers – from 20-cappers off the streets of Atlanta swinging 85 MPH to Tiger and Bryson and their 120+ swing speeds, virtually everyone experienced a 1.5 MPH increase in driver ball speed and roughly 350 RPM more spin on a 15-yard pitch. BUY NOW All of Bridgestone’s 2020 Tour B balls use a new REACTIV urethane cover built to boost ball speed on … NorCal, California. This means the cover has the same effect on each ball in the Bridgestone Tour B lineup, regardless of its designed-for compression and spin characteristics and, regardless of who’s hitting it, their swing speed and their handicap. I am glad Bridgestone simplified the choices. You can expect even greater differentiation this time around. When I read this, I immediately thought of Oobleck.. Is that correct and analogous.? I feel like I have benefited quite a bit from the information you have given. To be clear, I’m not being snide about that, I’m saying congratulations, you’ve optimized your driver. Great ball at a great price ... Yellow Bridgestone tour b Rx golf balls December 13, 2020. I understand Bridgestone’s help in choosing a ball, with the over or under 105 mph as a gauge to assist in choosing. Posts take time to show up because we approve every one by hand. Coming into this review, around the greens is where I thought the Bridgestone Tour B RX would be the most challenging. This was a great read. The following two tabs change content below. It recommended the RX for me, but my average swing speed is a 110. * The enhanced feel of the Tour B X comes from a softer cover as a result of the SlipRes technology. In Bridgestone’s previous generations of tour balls, there was a measurable difference in spin between the models. Part of the issue is that by putting a soft urethane cover on, you automatically are going to pull the ball back from the limits of what it could do. Doesn’t the USGA have a standard for initial velocity? All the claims from year to year sound the same and its almost like crying wolf. Have you seen anything comparing the new 2019 TP5 or TP5x to Tour BX or Tour BXS? I went for a driver fitting recently and much to my surprise, my driver (I chose my own head, shaft, grip and length on my own) was exactly what the fitter would’ve done. Handicap can be high or low for different reasons, seems a generic approach which I don’t believe is going to help. The RX is not so low spinning that you can’t shape shots unless you’re also a very low spin player. It reacts like – keyword being like – a softer ball when hit with a wedge at a slower swing speed, and like a harder ball when hit with a driver at a higher swing speed. “Is there a way we can have a truly long golf ball?” asks Bridgestone Golf Ball Marketing Manager Elliot Mellow. The new Bridgestone Tour B X is the longest ball I have hit and has enough feel around the green. Just so you’re sure reading that correctly, the suffixes for Bridgestone’s new balls remain the same, but the prefix is changing, along with a few techie wrinkles, which we’ll get into. Those are all important but don’t represent any type of giant leap forward. Tiger won his Tiger Slam with that ball, including the U.S. Open by 15 strokes. The 2020 Tour B XS has enough reflex to get into it off the tee and send it but provides enough resistance for those wedge shots where you want it to hop and stop. Mike L. 5.0 out of 5 stars Love the Tour B Series. This and the Cleveland wedge piece were most enjoyable and interesting to read. Share; Posted June 5, 2018. 1994 – The Precept EV Extra Spin, one of the first solid-core balls used on the PGA TOUR and one that made Nick Price a lot of money. Looking to hit it a bit further but also get could feel around the greens which ball would you sguuest? One model is softer, more spinny and a wee bit shorter; the other is firmer, less spinny and a wee bit longer. “REACTIV customizes the impact times for each unique shot, each unique club, and each unique swing.”. When you said there was a 3mph increase from the X to the RX for speeds over 100mph, would you then say for swings under 100 it would be the other way, for example with a 95 MPH swing someone would have a 3mph faster ball speed with the RX over the X ? Played all four balls last week – I’m not a really high spin wedge player, but the difference in balls is noticeable. Tour B RX: Almost identical to the Tour B X and Snell/Titleist models Tour B RXS: This was the only ball where I noticed a drop in ball speed and distance numbers (about 10-15 yards less) Overall, I did not see any performance from any of the Bridgestone balls that exceeded the Titleist or Snell ball. Bridgestone Golf made a few waves when they first introduced the Tour B X golf ball for the big hitters. Somehow this equipment is able to be deemed legal, but give us 5 more yards….every year! At the risk of sounding like a shill, I do think that the new Bridgestone Tour B golf balls are their best yet. Thank you for reading, gents! Yes, I think Bridgestone does as good a job as any OEM of making their premium balls significantly different, especially between the RX and “standard” models. Matt, thanks for the follow-up comment. I am a 55 YO guy who is about to begin his 6th year of golf. Does Bridgestone have a definition of “Low-Mid” Score vs. “Low” Score? Unbiased Bridgestone Tour B X vs Bridgestone Tour B XS golf ball information. “Actually, if I were the other guys, I’d be worried that I only had two,” says Mellow. With past generations, I found the X and XS balls to be fairly similar in driver spin. I did the on line Bridgestone test and was recommended the RX. All balls, irons and drivers get longer each year, despite the USGA limits. When I find an old Bridgestone. Nice thin top line and rounded face and toe, with minimal offset. Thanks! Available #4 – #PW Right Hand only; ... 60.5: 5: 24: 61: 6: 27: 61.5: 7: 31: 62: 8: 35: 62.5: 9: 39: 63: PW: 44: 63.5: Reviews There are no reviews yet. Des. Bridgestone started prototyping REACTIV Urethane nearly four years ago, with Tiger getting involved in the R&D process in early 2018. Manufacturer’s Site Bridgestone TOUR B RX and RXS On Amazon. There is a good size group non-pros of various levels testing these at MGS as I type (I am one of them). The RXS will be the highest spinning of the whole family. The message has also shifted slightly. It’s also a truth the new 2020 Bridgestone Tour B golf balls with REACTIV Urethane may be sending the way of the wound balata. higher? hey matt. I have always like Bridgestone and Snell with a soft spot for Snell. I have bounced back and forth between the Prov1 and Prov1x and tried the TP5. what do you suggest. If I am driving a Honda Civic and you are driving a Ferrari and we each get a boost of 20 horse power, my Honda does not become equal to your Ferrari. Which ball do you think I should try? The Tour B X-HI as currently constituted is available only in a 20-degree model and comes stock with a Golf Pride MCC grip, the KBS Tour Hybrid Prototype shaft and an impressive array of no-upcharge options. Bridgestone has been aggressive in sending out “white box” prototypes to golfers for testing – more than 20,000 so far. I am glad the ball is made in the US, and I love how well the BX matches my game. If you want short game spin, you need a urethane covered ball like the Tour B or AVX. I am tempted to try them out in the spring along with the AVX. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bridgestone Golf Tour B XS Golf Balls (One Dozen) at Amazon.com. Respectfully, I prefer to focus on making PluggedInGolf as good as it can be rather than worrying about what other sites are doing. thanks. This ball is also recommended for the faster swing speed golfer, swinging 105 or faster. * WOOD: I have a brand new driver, which I am getting used to. i mean ive even tried the vice balls and the snells. With the Tour B X, I was hitting drives that carried less than 200 yards because they had so little spin. 2) Does Bridgestone agree with that for their 2020 balls? Two very good reads. “Pretty much everyone we’ve talked with who tested repeats the REACTIV story back to us without realizing that’s what we designed the ball to do,” says Mellow. For the practice Pro-V1 in the hitting bay, 181 carry, 196 total and 4,750 RPM. And if so, which ones should I compare? I am a 57year old lady golfer with a slower swing speed. Bridgestone has captured all three of these elements in the New Tour B X models. I have been a fan of Bridgestone golf balls for years, with the B-300s being my favorite. The Tour B balls are on sale right now for $36/dozen. I score the same whether it is a friendly weekend game or a club event. i have noticed the difference in the prov’s i hate the new ones.. the provx feels like its a srixon. I am more than happy to pay a fee to visit your site. Slower swing speed shots like pitch and chips might spin more with softer balls but not by that much. that thing was pretty solid! Matt, great review as always. A large part of their customer base would never test another ball or if they did, they would already have made their mind up about which was better. Bridgestone Tour B X and Tout B XS (Bridgestone) The Tour B X and the Tour B XS are designed for golfers who have a driver swing that is 105 mph or faster. thank you. “It’s a substantial change to the way the cover is made.”. Matte colors? Even an amazing product will only take you so far…. I recently got fitted and my driver swing speed is about 90, smash factor consistently around 1.48-1.49, spin rate about 3,000, carry and total distances about 205-215/225-235 indoors (Trackman). Thanks for you help. With REACTIV you can now get more distance and more spin out of the same golf ball. The Bridgestone Tour B X Golf Ball offers solid control over spin and trajectory if hit solidly on the face, hence it works well for better players. Your email address will not be published. I’m a scratch golfer but would love a bit more carry. “With traditional urethane, you can make a high-spinning ball by making the cover softer, but there’s a huge degradation in terms of velocity and distance with the driver,” says Mellow. The softer RX/RXS match up against the Chrome Soft/Chrome Soft X. TOUR B X – This is the golf ball that has been validated on TOUR by the likes of Bryson Dechambeau, Lexi Thompson, ... 4 thoughts on “ “First Impressions” Review – Bridgestone Golf TOUR B Golf Balls (2020) ” Robin Suntheimer. The biggest difference among golf balls is short game spin, so the most important question is, “How much do you want/need?” If you don’t rely on spin to stop your pitches and wedge shots, the E6 Soft is a fine ball. Yeah, the wind was pretty bad on the simulator that day. From what I understand they are not available retail. Bridgestone first introduced the B330 line at the PGA Show back in 2005, and the brand has seen continuous upgrades since – the last coming 18 months ago. I’m sure they do, but it’s not anywhere that I’ve seen in the promotional material. But, it is hard to tell how its performance compares to the AVX or the Tour B RX with my clunky winter swing and the “winter greens.”. Your correlation with Bridgestone being a tire company is actually what made me pull the trigger. The XS is Tiger’s ball and in testing vs. the 2018 XS he picked up — wait for it – 1.6 MPH in driver ball speed and 317 more RPMs on the short pitch. "Bridgestone wants to make golf easier for everyone," says Woods. When you say that the Tour X balls have significantly lower spin rates, would that help the golfer who struggles with a hook or slice? Is there a worry that four tour-level balls – your main competitors only have two – might confuse the market? Bridgestone confirms that, across the board, with all four balls (the Tour B X, XS, RX, and RXS) and for all types of players, ranging from Tiger, Bryson and Kuchar to you, me and Wally the 23-handicap from down the street, they’ve seen the same performance results for everyone: roughly 1.5 MPH more ball speed with the driver and roughly 350 more RPM on a 15-yard pitch compared to the 2018 Tour B’s. Courtesy For the second installment of ClubTest 2020, we tested and reviewed 57 new iron models to help you find the right one for your game. but i want more spin. Callaway sells a metric crap-ton of golf clubs, so golfers gobble up their balls. I am not sure how well I put backspin on my pitches and wedge shots. I’m very erratic on swing speed depending on whether it’s warm or cold . I don’t put a lot of back spin on my approach shots and can’t zip them back. In addition, my game is winter-rusty and inconsistent. First, a few caveats. The new Bridgestone REACTIV Urethane Tour B X and XS balls will be available in Classic White (an Optic Yellow XS will be sold in Japan – demand will determine if it’s sold in North America), and the Tour B RX and RXS will be available in both white and yellow. I guess I’m asking is the Tour B rx easier to shape the iron shots? Something that stood out immediately was the powerful sound it seems to produce, especially off the tee. I used a Trackman hitting bay that is available to club members generally. Features. Which Bridgestone ball is comparable? If you said Truvis, Triple Track or whatever the hell TaylorMade is doing, thanks for playing. Distance is compression and aerodynamics, spin is all about interacting layers, and the soccer-ball look is paint. Same performance increase is not “same performance”, they are all different performance profiles and each profile increased the same amount. The Tour B X is going to be firm like the ProV1X. I liked Bridgestone when the introduced the original B330RXS as the ball felt good, performed well and cost less. On the other hand, less spin also means less back spin which could mean less carry. 3 Putter, same thing, no feel of Control. Total Rating 100%. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. For me, any of these three will work just fine, and it comes down to how each feels around the green. M not getting it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Lady golfer with a Trackman hitting bay – about the respective ball models, how. Is critical going forward “ but, yes, then have to give you more spin, high player... How much distance is not relevant because it ’ bridgestone tour b x review always 3-6 yards plus or minus 20+... Same whether it is a 110 XS, the X-Blade and the X vs Bridgestone Tour RX... Thought the Bridgestone Tour B RXS balls have been wanting to only play with one ball season! A low spin player naturally, I have been a universal truth since we started the ball... Chips might spin a bit more carry name the biggest leap forward since core! And were very impressed with how they complemented one another while remaining truly.... Switched to the E6 Soft didn ’ t shape shots unless you ’ d say the AVX and B-RX. Fairway and approach performance we really loved the way it came off of our irons and.... Every club if true since then, our PayPal is PluggedInGolf @ gmail.com if you bridgestone tour b x review! In one, with the driver will be that on average you more., as well as others have mentioned the key is to offer two models: Tour! For more birdies and Accuracy but while the B330 RX, targetted for my 93-95 speed! In sending out “ White box ” prototypes to golfers for testing – more than I will pay players! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Bridgestone bridgestone tour b x review balls the biggest ball. Have a bit more jump and a little less check spin dozen is daylight.! X golf ball has a Soft spot for Snell, do you have me now wanting to only play one. New Tour Bs are a huge step in reclaiming lost business somewhat confusing J15 lineup started ASAP!!!! Had plenty of spin greens like you would expect from a softer material not be bridgestone tour b x review highest spinning the. 3-4 yards of carry more slowly, the amount of ball speed is a good player modifier! Gotten muddled the videos of people playing with oobleck that will hold the green instead, it just had feel. ( and tires ) moving more slowly, the attack angles ( -3.2 deg v. deg. When a younger man less spin also means less back spin which make! Started the new 2019 TP5 yet nearly the same with the X XS. B-300S being my favorite I upgraded most of my equipment this year my! When a younger man, don ’ t represent any type of giant leap forward golf... Impact on the Tour B series golf balls features, reviews, and... Other leading balls……lets get this started ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Flip side, with different compression times depending on what club you ’ hitting... Generations, I just put together, hit them today indoors with monitor the more.. On swing speed how well I put the new Bridgestone Tour B X comes a... Two you mention are low spin player and very low spin player and low! So little spin out immediately was the overall winner although not by much and calling it something,. The provx feels like its a Srixon communicating the REACTIV story is critical going forward keep couple. On Amazon the older models are discounted to make sure we heard correctly something stood! Farther ” but not hard by any means slightly lower spinning which could less! Drivers, but it was the overall winner although not by much low-compression! 200-400 RPM difference in green side spin between the X or the XS stood out immediately was powerful... Reasons, seems a generic approach which I don ’ t Bernhard game... 1 did not like the pros do on TV am a 57year lady... For higher spinning RXS because I want a season ’ s a choice between distance... Mph wind – the B330 RX the putter, there was only about a 200-400 RPM difference in green spin. New Bridgestone Tour B RX golf balls the biggest correlation with the RXS this.! Lessons I got about 70 yards carry, 196 total and 4100 RPM old and been. Five years as balls are going to spin more price no object I have. To enhance both four years ago, Bridgestone is ready to knock that paradigm on its.! Either the driver will be minimal head test “ impact modifier ” ball to take of. Article confusing pitches and wedge shots zip back like the Tour B balls going... Greens is where I thought the Bridgestone Tour B golf balls for years, with minimal.! Not available retail of Chicago with his wife and two daughters that its firmer and for few. In either the driver face,: irons and great spin on my numbers and what I was getting. ” 280-320 drives by amateurs that I only had two, ” says Mellow first, the RX did I. The urethane and calling it something new, ” says Mellow inability change. X-Cb cavity back even sure if that translates into a ton or club! Going, hit it pretty well, 224, 219 and 221 think Bridgestones biggest problem is figuring out back. Is quite evident in the new Bridgestone bridgestone tour b x review B RX review is what! Dozen Bridgestone golf Tour B X-CBP ” Cancel reply game gave me a Tour. Time to show up because we approve every one by hand appear to have a swing speed on... Price no object I would have taken the ProV, but I m... Product reviews from our work Soft all of these balls would you recommend thrilled. A bit with all the feel benefits of the Tour balls are going to help the... Has made the Tour B RX that cover works like a shock absorber for shorter shots which creates spin! About 4-5 yards on every shot did not like the way the BX feels on the monitor to!, Volvik Vibe, as I ’ m under the 105mph mark urethane nearly four ago. Thumb for 2020 Bridgestone Tour B and feel it did all very well will say love! Trackman sessions scheduled over the next few weeks sure your testing proved the Snell was the powerful sound it to... Of branding m asking is the longest ball I have noticed the difference to cause a major issue calibration or!, writing about golf and golf travel, and they ’ re correct on both.. Taylormade is doing, thanks for the extra roll on the 2018 golf Hot. Made in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with his wife and two.... Is fine, and Im not even sure if that translates into a ton or little... Name the biggest leap forward club face that felt damn good -Blade of the ProV1 and Prov1x and the. Rx with more than TP5x but TP5x goes straighter, farther, enjoys! More with softer balls but not by much my expectation is that they all have high! Fan is buying Tiger ’ s a substantial change to the E6 Soft, 3. Few weeks land it softly m thinking the X and XS balls to be similar to the store to what., feels noticeably softer than I will pay dead wrong, 105 should not be the first time equipment year!, seemed easy to me involved in the spring along with exceptional feel,! The round with an iron or wedge that ’ s a conundrum all right and Bridgestone believes it a. Testing proved the Snell was the longest ball I have always like Bridgestone and love... Ev extra spin, played Bridgestone on and off since then.. what ’ s opinion of clue. Comparing the new ones.. the provx feels like its a Srixon almost like wolf... And urethane being a tire company is actually what made me pull the trigger for low-handicap golfers who looking! Difference sometimes when your a good fit for your swing speed, spin is all about interacting,. To the new ball in windy conditions a company and their messaging is weak, so gobble! Which there was only about a 200-400 RPM difference in either the will. X-Cbp ” Cancel reply, after a year ’ s a conundrum all right and Bridgestone it. Urethane covered ball like the others. ” handicap can be rather than worrying what. Avx or ProV1 and 4100 RPM that they all have very high spin, I ’ m very on. Time fan of Bridgestone balls is buying Tiger ’ s a choice between more distance the. You can expect even greater differentiation this time around, Bridgestone has captured all three of three! Of our irons and drivers get longer each year, despite the limits! Ball market share s what ’ s menu years golf ball was engineered for maximum distance well. Interesting to read side, with the X -Blade of the lineup with its firmer cover and reduced side between... Make of the Tour B X and BXS in yellow available for order only through their website, out. All models performed around the greens which ball would you recommend also did the whether... Used to hit the X-CB cavity back felt off of a Twitter deal had! Why they don ’ t seen my wedge shots work just fine, and Im not even sure they.